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Vote tally hits snag in Schuylkill

Some voting machines in Schuylkill County would not accept a code needed to tally votes after the polls closed and were taken to Schuylkill Transportation building Tuesday.

Doug Litwhiler, who was a poll watcher in Ringtown Borough, said election workers tried several times to enter a code to tally a vote, which would not work. They called an IT person who gave them the passcode, which still did not work. Litwhiler said the device was then taken to the STS building. A paper printout that would normally be posted on the door with votes cast was not done so, he said

Election Director Albert Gricoski confirmed there was an problem with a machine in Ringtown and Upper Mahantongo and “maybe three or four” other ones. He thought the situation would be easily fixed, adding perhaps someone didn’t enter the password correctly.

“It’s just a normal computer thing,” he said.