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Sittler will benefit school board

I want to tell you and the public why I support Kerry Sittler as a school board candidate. Over the years I have had many interactions with Kerry. We have had many opportunities to participate together to help our kids receive amazing experiences through the various school Parent Teacher Organizations.

We have had lots of time to discuss various issues. During these discussions I have learned that Kerry only wants what is best for our kids and community. She has the compassion and ability to lead others to make well-informed decisions that everyone can be happy with.

Aside from being a helpful member of the PTO, Kerry has also started the Feed A Family A Meal charity. She has done many things to collect food, clothing and toys for those families who have had a hardship or need an extra boost during holiday seasons. She is a kind person with a big heart to spend time and money to help others.

Kerry tends to approach problems with a practical sense. While she may not always be right in certain situations, she always takes the time to listen to the other side of a person’s argument so she can then help come to a complete decision with those she is involved with. She compromises when necessary so everyone gains something from the final decision. She will admit if she is wrong or made a mistake. She doesn’t believe in blaming someone else if she is at fault. If she is asked a question or doesn’t know the answer or needs time to think on it, she will tell you that. She likes to be an informed decision maker who will gather information to help make her decisions valid. Kerry has always been helpful to her friends and family and I believe she will be a benefit to our future school board.

Anyone who runs for the school board election should not take our children and communities future lightly. We need people on the board who will look at the bigger and longer-lasting picture for our future.

Amanda Trach