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Clearly Clean partner is entrepreneur of year

Clearly Clean Products LLC, a leading recyclable packaging company, announced that one of its managing partners, Millard Wallace, has been honored with the 2021 Entrepreneur of the Year Award by the Schuylkill County Chamber of Commerce. This award recognizes Wallace’s willingness to take risks and drive growth as he worked to build Clearly Clean into an eco-friendly food packaging leader.

This award is a great honor to Wallace and his company, acknowledging his consistent innovation, creativity and determination.

After many years and dozens of patents, Wallace and his partners, Jeff Maguire and Peter Kolb, are revolutionizing the food packaging industry. In fact, Wallace invented a patented 100% recyclable, smooth-edge overwrap tray line for packaging.

This tray features a patented rolled edge that provides a smooth surface for overwrap ?lm, mitigating leaks during production and transportation.

“This is an incredible honor,” Wallace said. “Entrepreneurship has always been an important part of my life - all the way from grade school to college and beyond. I am so very grateful to the Schuylkill County Chamber of Commerce for this award and thankful to my partners for having faith in me.”

Clearly Clean Products LLC, a leading recyclable packaging company, announced the purchase of a 60,000-square-foot facility in Frackville. This building will act initially as a warehouse, then progress to be a distribution center and potentially another plant. It is located in the same complex as Clearly Clean’s other two Frackville facilities (a manufacturing plant and a distribution center), which were both purchased over the last year and a half.

“Of course, I would not have been able to pursue my dream of being an entrepreneur without the help of our dedicated employees as well as my friends and family,” Wallace said. “I am so grateful for their support and patience, allowing me to spend time inventing, designing and creating products. I am excited that Clearly Clean is able to keep our environment clean and create many jobs in the region.”

Clearly Clean was just named the fastest growing manufacturer in northeast Pennsylvania for the second year in a row.

“The new facility will afford us more warehouse space and will grow in function as we continue to expand,” Wallace said. “In addition, it will allow our maintenance crew to have a dedicated workspace. We’re so incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to purchase this building in order to keep up with the demand for our products. We are blessed to continue growing at such a significant rate.”

Clearly Clean’s award-winning recyclable food packaging is helping to drive plastic foam out of the industry and can be utilized for meat, poultry, seafood, produce and deli products. Its trays are available in multiple sizes and color options. They are made from PET, the same material used in recyclable water bottles, offering a recyclable, smooth-edged tray option to grocery stores, food processors and packaging distributors.

“This purchase of another Frackville facility is very important for us,” said Jeff Maguire, another managing partner at Clearly Clean. “It allows us to keep our operations in the same vicinity and create jobs for Schuylkill County.”

Interested candidates are encouraged to visit http://clearlyclean.com/careers/ to apply.

Millard Wallace