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Vote no on amendment questions

Dear Editor:

There are three questions on the primary ballot next week that seek to make amendments to the Pennsylvania Constitution. There are several proponents for these changes that represent that they would be good for the commonwealth. However all of these assertions are fake. A vote for these two amendments is a vote for exactly the opposite of what is being represented.

The first two questions would produce catastrophes for the ability to promptly respond to any crisis since, not as contended, they do not improve the balance of power between the Legislature and the governor but if fact destroy it. Under Question 1’s proposal, the governor’s ability to react to a crisis is reduced from 90 days to only 21 days. The catch is that under this change the Legislature can end the governor’s authority to respond to the crisis at any time in those 21 days and it automatically ends at the end of the 21 days. When that occurs, the governor cannot act any further with respect to the crisis. Only the Legislature can act and it does not need any approval or cooperation from the governor.

This is not an exercise of the balance of power but a power grab by the Legislature. We all know how fast the Legislature acts. Just look at how promptly it has acted to cure the real estate property tax crisis since 1984. The Legislature will be the only government agency to act on a crisis. Unfortunately it can’t activate national help at any time because under federal law, the governor is the only one who can do that.

The proponents argue that these amendments protect local communities by allowing local control of the response to a crisis. I don’t see that anywhere in these questions. All that I see is the Legislature taking absolute control of any crises. Don’t fall for these fake claims. Vote no on both of these questions.

Very truly yours,

Chester C. Corse Jr.