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Residents object to noise at Mahoning Speedway

At least a dozen Mahoning Township residents attended the supervisors meeting to voice their displeasure over the noise from events at the Mahoning Valley Speedway.

Most of the problems appear to be with special events held at the track, such as the upcoming “Car Meet & Voceteo & Chipeo” event on May 30 hosted by the Lehigh Valley Car Meets & Shows.

Residents say the music is so loud that their homes vibrate with the noise. They said they can’t go outside, their windows rattle, and several people who had health problems have a difficult time just being in their own homes while this is going on.

Residents told supervisors when they tried to speak with the owners of the track, they were told “nothing can be done.”

The loud music and car noises go on for hours on a Sunday without letting up until late in the evening.

Area residents took turns voicing their displeasure.

Cathy Abrachinsky, who lives next to the track, told supervisors, “Any of you are welcome to come to my house and sit in the driveway. Then you’ll know what we’re going through.”

She asked supervisors to intervene.

“We’ve had people who have lived here all their lives; their parents lived here, their grandparents lived here. And this is the first time they said, ‘I want to move.’?”

She told supervisors if they don’t stop it now, it will get worse.

“We have a new hospital coming; do you think they’re going to put up with that?” she said.

Some residents said police told them that there was no noise ordinance for Mahoning Township.

Cathy’s father, Charles Abrachinsky, former owner of the Mahoning Farmers Market, read the zoning ordinance section that deals with noise and vibration.

“In section 804 2-D, under ‘Conditional Uses,’ the ordinance shows acceptable levels for noise levels between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m., sound must be no more than 65 decibels 90% of the time. Between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. it must be no more than 75 decibels 90% of the time.”

Several residents said they were taking readings that were over 90 decibels.

Township solicitor Thomas Nanovic said he wanted to look at the racetrack’s zoning variance first before making any recommendations.

Mahoning Township residents at the Supervisors Meeting to voice their displeasure with noise at the Mahoning Valley Speedway. JIM LOGUE/SPECIAL TO THE TIMES NEWS
Charles Abrachinsky addresses the Mahoning Township Supervisors about the noise problems at Mahoning Valley Speedway.