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Ambulance supervisor charged with sexual assault

A EMT supervisor for the Palmerton Community Ambulance has been charged with sexual assault counts.

State police at Lehighton have reported the arrest of Gerard Joseph Alfano, 32, also known as Elvis Alfano, of Palmerton, on charges of sexual extortion, criminal attempt to commit sexual extortion, criminal use of a communication facility and harassment.

He has also been charged in a second case with counts of indecent assault and harassment.

Trooper Leo Petrucci, the investigating officer, said he was assigned to complete a background check on Alfano, who applied for employment with the Commonwealth. During the background check, allegations of sexual misconduct came to light which resulted in the arrest.

According to Petrucci, on March 14, at 3:31 a.m. Alfano began texting the victim, identified as a female emergency medical technician with the Palmerton Community Ambulance. During the text conversations with the victim, Alfano suggested that because he provided a positive reference to the victim’s mortgage company, she should return the favor by doing sexual activities with him. Alfano, Petrucci wrote, “created a quid pro quo situation” where he told the victim, “I’ll do good for you if ya do good for me.”

Alfano also offered the victim “bonus cash.”

Since Alfano is in a supervisory role over the victim, the grading of the sexual extortion charge is elevated to a felony 3.

Concerning the second incident the victim disclosed that while on a bus trip from Palmerton in July 2018, Alfano put his hand into her shorts twice during the ride. The victim said the contact with Alfano was unsolicited and without her consent.

On April 29 Alfano was interviewed by state police and made admissions that he touched the victim during the bus ride, according to the police report.

Alfano was arraigned on the charges in the two cases on Tuesday before District Judge William Kissner of Palmerton. Bail in the first case was set at $7,500 unsecured and in the second $2,500 unsecured.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for 11 a.m. on May 19 before Kissner.

Gerard Alfano