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Scams involve gift cards for TV, utilities

State police at Fern Ridge gave details of two scams.

• A 56-year-old Stroudsburg woman was “scammed” out of $1,000 on April 15.

Police said the crime occurred when the woman received a call from a person impersonating a DirectTV customer service agent. The caller offered the woman a lower monthly rate if she agreed to switch her plan and pay three months in advance. Police said the woman provided credit card information to pay $300 over the phone.

They said the caller then offered the woman an Apple promotion, telling her they would upgrade her iPhone and include airpods if she bought $700 worth of gift cards. Using a debit card, the woman did so and provided the account numbers and security PIN to the caller, later learning the call was a “scam.”

• A 63-year-old Saylorsburg thwarted a scam attempt on April 12.

Police said someone disguised as a PP & L employee told the resident he owed $498.32 on a past electric bill and that his power would be cut off if he didn’t pay the bill within a few hours.

Police said the man advised the resident to go to the Dollar General store to purchase gift cards to pay off the balance owed. That’s when resident recognized this was an attempt to steal from him.