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2021 primary election: Clerk of Courts Boni seeking second term

On Jan. 6, 2020, Republican Tyra Boni was sworn into office as Clerk of Courts. She utilized her previous 15 years of business management experience to increase efficiency and organization in the office, implement cross-training, and decrease processing times of all paperwork within our offices.

Simultaneously, over the past year Boni and her staff have worked tirelessly to process the 45,000 backlogged documents, applied and/or refunded the $1.3 million found in escrow, completed 12 months of overdue sentencing orders and assessments, resolved expungement cases, processed over $10,000 in fingerprint monies, brought both cash bail account and costs, fines, and restitution account current, and set up 3,200 cost sheets on payment plans. They are now actively pursuing collection of $25 million outstanding in court costs, fines and restitution.

All was accomplished while continuing to maintain the daily court operations for the Clerk of Courts Office Criminal and Collections Divisions. Inclusive of 1,400 court cases, filing 54 summary appeals, over 100 court sessions from bench warrant, guilty plea, and sentencing hearings with 2-50 defendants per session, over 50,000 docket entries, active management of both bank accounts, and issuing of bail refunds.

Despite the pandemic and current financial hardships, they collected over $1.83 million in costs, fines and restitution owed to the county. Together with the $1.3 million found in escrow, this resulted in a total of $2.21 million being disbursed to victims, county taxpayers, county offices, the state of Pennsylvania, and various local municipalities, which was the largest amount in nine years for Carbon, and according to Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts ranked Carbon first out of 24 class 6 counties in Pennsylvania. Additionally, through cross-training efforts, improving workflows, and conservative spending, there was a budget savings of 17% or $96,176 for taxpayers.

Boni said, “We have built an amazing team, accomplished a tremendous amount, and we aren’t finished yet! I humbly ask for your vote and the opportunity to continue to lead the Clerk of Courts office of Carbon County.”

Tyra is the wife of Aldo Boni. They have two daughters, two sons-in-law, and three grandchildren.