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Carbon County property transfers

Revenue from deeds

Carbon County Recorder of Deeds Donna Gentile reported her office recorded 307 deeds, 310 mortgages and 611 other writs during the month of March.

As a result of those transactions, Gentile turned over to the Carbon County General Fund the sum of $57,756.87. A breakdown of that revenue includes: transfer fees, $46,692.50; data processing fees, $2,076.76; notaries, $120; commission on transfers and writs, $6,814.11; and Affordable Housing administrative fee, $2,053.50.

Gentile remitted $614 in state writ taxes to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Revenue, while Carbon County municipalities and school districts shared realty transfer tax disbursements totaling $338,851.80, the same amount that was forwarded to the state in realty transfer taxes.

Gentile deposited $3,660 in the Recorder of Deeds Record Improvement Fund and $2,440 in the Carbon County Records Improvement Fund, these being fees assessed by state law on each transaction for records management needs. An additional $44,959.25 was collected and remitted to the state for its Judicial Computer System program. Also, $11,636.50 was collected last month for the Affordable Housing Program in Carbon County.

In all, funds collected in the Recorder’s office last month amounted to $798,770.22.

Deeds recorded

Banks Township

David Keller to Victoria Ann Pfeiffer, 1933 Route 903, Jim Thorpe, various lots, $1.

Beaver Meadows

David Keller to Victoria Ann Pfeiffer, 1933 Route 903, Jim Thorpe, various lots, $1.


Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Anis G. Lahoud, 737 Lehigh St., Bowmanstown, property at 737 Lehigh St., $134,500.

East Penn Township

Christopher C. Cowen to Eric Reynolds, 344 Smithlane Road, Lehighton, property at 344 Smithlane Road, $390,000.

Jim Thorpe

David Keller to Victoria Ann Pfeiffer, 1933 Route 903, Jim Thorpe, various lots, $1.

Jacqueline M. Marshall to Richard Walsh, Quincy, Massachusetts, property at 119 Center St., $75,000.

Michael Lefkowitz to Timothy Whitehouse, 523 North St., Jim Thorpe, property at 523 North St., $140,000.

Kidder Township

Phyllis A. Mikolaj to Mark V. Cassidy, Ocean View, New Jersey, House 85, Snow Ridge, Section A, $182,900.

Randell E. Pilecki to Randell E. Pilecki Sr., 53 Chipmunk Trail, White Haven, property at 158 Deer Trail, White Haven, $1.

Randell E. Pilecki to Laura Pilecki, 57 Chipmunk Trail, White Haven, property at 158 Deer Trail, White Haven, $1.

Unsal Tirban to Said Alimdhanovich Seyfatov, Philadelphia, property at 791 Route 940, White Haven, $130,000.

Jacob D. Shuss to Jonathan Anthony, 129 Timberline Drive, Albrightsville, property at 129 Timberline Drive, $195,000.

Roman Wilusz to Stefanie A. Ferrigno, P.O. Box 1455, Albrightsville, lots 20, 22 and 24, Section Hemlock Forest, Holiday Poconos, $140,000.

Lewis F. Wright Jr. to Microorigin Ventures Inc., Chester Springs, property at 15 Mountain Crest Drive, Lake Harmony, $401,000.

Christopher Samanns to Steven Altschuler, Mineola, New York, property at 36 Maplewood Road, Lake Harmony, $250,000.

Diane Harbin to Bronson Peters, 38 W. Fawn Grove Drive, Albrightsville, property at 39 W. Fawn Grove Drive, $127,200.

Katherine Reinhart to Stephanie W. Reinhart, Lansdale, property at 9 Buttonwood Road, Lake Harmony, $1.

Barbara Pease to Anne Schlenbaker, Lancaster, property at 50 Wolf Hollow Road, Lake Harmony, $380,000.

At Fiesta LLC to Joseph A. Sturgeon, Lakewood, Colorado, property at 75 Laurelwood Drive, White Haven, $1.


Michael V. Plitt Sr. to Monocacy General Contracting LLC, 219 W. Patterson St., Lansford, property at 219 W. Patterson St., $14,000.

Joshua Young to Karl Thomas Lucas Jr., 243 W. Ridge St., Lansford, property at 243 E. Ridge St., $80,000.

West PA Properties LLC to Jeremias Torres, 144 W. Patterson St., Lansford, property at 144 W. Patterson St.,$22,000.


Joseph S. Canaris to Alejandra M. Yepes, 185 Queen Alley North, Lehighton, property at 186 N. Seventh St., $225,000.

Patrick Dominic to First Advantage Financial Group, North Wales, property at 178-180 S. First St., $280,000.

Gordon L. Merluzzi to Rax David Merluzzi, 145 N. 11th St., Lehighton, property at 145 N. 11th St., $1.

Lower Towamensing Township

Randy S. Klingle to Rodney Alexander, 1000 Summer Mountain Road, Palmerton, Lot 1, Randy S. Klingle and Christopher Moses Subdivision, $45,000.

Mahoning Township

Timothy C. Kocher to Brian A. Strohl, 820 Beaver Run Drive, Lehighton, property at 820 Beaver Run Drive, $215,000.

Chris M. Nichols to Paul D. Zeigenfuss, 1295 Orioles Drive, Lehighton, property at 1295 Orioles Drive, $440,000.

Joe C. Neff to Baha Investments LLC, 157 S. First St., Lehighton, property on Blakeslee Boulevard Drive West, $90,000.

Donnamarie M. Duld to Jonathan Tracey, 215 Scenic View Lane, Lehighton, 2,002 acres, Hemlock Road, $45,000.

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to Cynthia R. Cygler, Warrington, property on Blakeslee Boulevard Drive East, $1.

Myron P. Shevell to LEHCO L.P., Rutherford, New Jersey, property at 457 Mahoning Drive East, $2,540,627.20.


David Keller to Victoria Ann Pfeiffer, 1933 Route 903, Jim Thorpe, various lots, $1.

Glenn J. Mayer to Yisrael Bauer, 401 E. Railroad St., Nesquehoning, property at 401 E. Railroad St., $85,000.

Olga S. Harrison to Ariah Real Estate Investments & Holdings LLC, Easton, property on High Street, $14,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Rani Issa, Allentown, property at 118 Center St., $34,000.


Derbe Stroup to James Laub, 641 Lehigh Ave., Palmerton, property at 641 Lehigh Ave., $139,000.

Kenneth A. Palmer to Kenneth A. Palmer, 639 Columbia Ave., Palmerton, property at 639 Columbia Ave., $1.

Nicole Monique Merrill to Newport Specialty LLC, Princeton, New Jersey, property at 353 Lehigh Ave., $85,500.

Terri Snyder to Josefina Baez Delapaz, 260 Columbia Ave., Palmerton, property at 260 Columbia Ave., $143,000.

David M. Willingham to Kory J. Lopata, Bethlehem, property at 730 Columbia Ave., $187,500.

Penn Forest Township

Holly Nadler to John C. Brennan Jr., 15 Locust Lane, Albrightsville, property at 91 Hunter Lane, Albrightsville, $10,000.

Kricor Marcarian to Steven Gargiulo, Nesconset, New York, Lot 224, Section B, Pleasant Valley West, $20,000.

Heisler Home Builders LLC to Unlimited Builder LLC, Ivyland, Lot V1145, Section V, Towamensing Trails, $6,000.

Joseph Piccolino to Bryce M. Rivera, P.O. Box 1371, Albrightsville, Lot V1427, Section V, Towamensing Trails, $4,500.

Barry W. Vanrensler to Robert S. Boucher, Philadelphia, Lot 449-E, Pleasant Valley West, $20,000.

Vincenzo S. Centamore to Jannet Platonova, Cliffside Heights, New Jersey, property at 7 Wintergreen Trail, Albrightsville, $127,500.

Dominick R. Delpopolo to Robert Andrew Ehlman, Middletown, Delaware, property at 41 Young Circle, Albrightsville, $205,000.

Alan E. Andrews to Andrew J. Halprin, Philadelphia, lots 1206 and 1207, Section E, Behrens Subdivision, $34,000.

Deborah Sorensen to Clifton Ranson, Williamstown, New Jersey, property at 73 Pine Tree Road, Albrightsville, $84,900.

John Altomare to Holly J. Altomare, Philadelphia, Lot 2028, Section IV, Towamensing Trails, $1.

David Keller to Victoria Ann Pfeiffer, 1933 Route 903, Jim Thorpe, various lots, $1.

Michael D. Raftery to Allentown Federal Credit Union, Allentown, property at 98 Bear Creek Drive, $1.

Carolyn A. Rose to Anthony C. Dessert, Warminster, Lot 1245, Section V, Towamensing Trails, $19,900.

Amanda C. Mooney to Teresa L. Stigura, 11 Pinoak Drive, Jim Thorpe, property at 11 Pinoak Drive, $245,000.

Hickory Run Forest Land & Homeowners Association to Timothy McNicholas, Philadelphia, lots 156 and 159, Section B, Hickory Run Forest, $1,500.

Timothy R. McNicholas to Anthony Raggio, Philadelphia, lots 156 and 159, Section B, Hickory Run Forest, $7,500.

John P. Conmy to Vasilios A. Yialamas, New York, New York, Lot V1762, Section V, Towamensing Trails, $14,505.

Thomas J. Coates to Calabree Building Contractors LLC, Woolwich Township, New Jersey, Lot 364, Section I, Towamensing Trails, $7,000.

Joseph Lopardo to Jeannette Coar, Croydon, Lot 1652, Section V, Towamensing Trails, $6,000.

Marshall Lucifero to Calabree Building Contractors LLC, Woolwich Township, New Jersey, Lot 706, Section II, Towamensing Trails, $20,000.

Michael F. Kirk to Patricia Ann Gallo, Vineland, New Jersey, Lot V1624, Section V, Towamensing Trails, $9,500.

John Swartz Inc. to Michael D. Gilliar, 1787 Route 903, Jim Thorpe, Lot 265, Forest Lake Drive, Pleasant Valley West, $51,000.

William E. Bruton Jr. to Nadira Ragoonanan, P.O. Box 981, Albrightsville, property at 42 Byron Lane, Albrightsville, $210,000.

Eleanor Seeds to Nicole M. Lynyak, Pottstown, property at 102 Penn Forest Trail, Albrightsville, $330,000.

Charles Loughlin Sr. to April L. Fleisher, Chalfont, property at 64 Berryman Lane, Albrightsville, $1.

Rafael Binyaminov to Jennifer J. Wisowaty, Philadelphia, property at 88 Caedman Drive, Albrightsville, $235,000.

Andy Arroyo Jr. to John Scancella, Bristol, property at 60 Penn Forest Drive, Albrightsville, $185,500.

Sharon DeFrain to Jacob D. Shuss, 7911 Seventh St., Slatington, property at 32 Mountain View Drive, $270,000.

Robert March Jr. to Castle Property Solutions, Ind., Media, Lot 1647, Section V, Towamensing Trails, $4,000.

BES Management LLC to Melissa Bacani, Collegeville, property at 2 Gay Mews, Albrightsville, $228,000.

Cynthia Wadsworth to Adrian D. Tanner, Doylestown, property at 52 Keats Lane, Albrightsville, $357,500.

Towamensing Township

Lavaun Shanton to Marianne Eisenhauer, 635 Stagecoach Road W., Lehighton, property at 245 Hazlewood Road, $46,500.


David Keller to Victoria Ann Pfeiffer, 1933 Route 903, Jim Thorpe, various lots, $1.

Miguel E. Rojas to Miguel E. Rojas, 450 Plane St., Weatherly, property at 450 Plane St., $1.