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End to border crisis needed

The appalling conditions at the border with current immigration policies, policies which were reversed, lack control. President Biden is inviting immigrants into our country because it is the “humane” thing to do … as we try to get our own country under control with the pandemic and cope with major lockdowns and millions still unemployed. Why, with the pandemic, do we have the border open at all? We should close the border.

Is it humane for illegals to bring COVID-19 and other diseases into our country to spread in the United States? Immigrants are smuggling drugs; cartels are using children as pawns to enter, convicted criminals and deported people are entering, and people from all around the world.

Border town residents are facing trespassing and thousands of dollars of damage to their property and disrupted lives. American citizens fear for the safety of their children. Is this what we want? We need to take steps to preserve and protect our citizens; provide safety and security for Americans.

The recent $1.9 trillion bill will supply each illegal immigrant with $1,400, free medical care, legal services and much more. The overwhelming number of illegals and thousands of unaccompanied children are spread in hotels and other facilities. Children are crowded into areas for longer than the 72-hour legal time period.

Reportedly, it will cost $86 million in hotel costs for these migrants. They come from their country to our country, at our expense. Since the administration was warned that this would happen if policies were reversed and the wall not finished, it could have been prevented.

This administration created a crisis at the border and it seems that there is no end in sight. Congress should find a way to stop this crisis and stop these people crossing our border and flooding into our country. What will the whole country face in the future? Societal chaos. Where is the outrage?

Beverly Putt