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Spiritual healing, counseling services coming to Thorpe

New spiritual healing and counseling services are on their way to the Jim Thorpe area to help people of all ages and backgrounds achieve their best in life.

Stacie Weldon Terry, owner of Quest Healing Arts and Best Life Counseling Services, is an experienced spiritual practitioner who has been studying metaphysics and the spiritual arts for 50 years and has been in business for 40 years.

Terry is no stranger to the Jim Thorpe area. She said she has always been in love with the area and has been visiting the town since 2007.

In December she officially moved to Jim Thorpe from her home in Long Island, New York, after hearing about a home for sale on West Broadway.

Terry said her move to Jim Thorpe was almost like fate in a way. She put her desire to live in the town out into the universe, and ever since then, “everything has been falling into alignment,” she said.

“You know you’re in alignment to your goals when things start unfolding for you and each step becomes more clear,” Terry said.

Quest Healing Arts revolves around a wide variety of spiritual healing practices including intuitive healing, reiki energy alignment, acupuncture, herbology, tarot card readings, numerology, astrology and guided meditations for healing and positive transformation.

Terry said, “Spiritual consultations are to seek clarity about things that are going on in their life that may be attributed to spiritual issues. Maybe they worry about their relationships, their career or maybe they worry there are some spiritual blockages in their life that are preventing them from getting to the next level of their goals.”

Through intuitive healing, Terry said she is able to tap into the energy of clients and tell where imbalances may be in their life in order for them to undergo healing.

Terry plans retreats out into nature for a day trip to take part in spiritual healing techniques.

“I could take a group of people, for instance, to the Mauch Chunk Lake or on the many beautiful walking trails that the area has to offer, where we could sit and do drumming ceremonies and other ancient healing practices which are based in natural healing techniques. It taps into the healing essence that we all have inside of us and can also be found in nature. It clears blockages, opens channels/chakras and induces more clarity and connection with oneself,” she said.

Terry decided on the name “Best Life Counseling Services,” because, “Most issues are all related to the human spirit and being in alignment to our dreams and aspirations, because that’s what we are here to do. It is an honor to assist someone on their path of spiritual growth and manifesting their ‘best life’.”

As an ordained interfaith minister and wedding officiant, certified counselor, addictions specialist, life coach, acupuncturist and hospice chaplain, Terry offers a variety of healing options, including weekly women’s support groups.

Groups offer support for women trying to achieve their goals in life.

“The women’s groups I really love because we get together and we realize we’re not alone, it’s a support group. We may have certain goals that we work on or we just explore where you are in your life, how you are reaching your goals, what are the obstacles keeping you from reaching your goals and what are the pros and cons of you reaching those goals.”

Services are accessible at the energy healing space in her home, over the phone or through web applications like Skype, Zoom or FaceTime. Whether someone does not want members of their home to know they are seeking therapy or if there are concerns given the COVID-19 pandemic, Terry’s counseling is always available in various forms.

“No matter what your situation is, there’s a way to get help,” Terry emphasized.

She said, “Now more than ever since the pandemic and the political unrest and everything that’s been happening, people are so drained and exhausted. People have isolated themselves and there is such a need for counseling more than ever.”

Terry works with people based on their own situations. Regarding her women’s support groups, Terry accepts donations in whatever amount the women are willing to give.

For more information on Quest Healing Arts or Best Life Counseling Services or to schedule any consultations, you can call Terry’s office number at 570-732-9132, cellphone at 516-424-1520, email questhealingarts@gmail.com or upcoming website at www.questhealingarts.com.

The Quest Healing Arts and Best Life Counseling Services dedicated healing space where various natural spiritual healing and counseling services are offered.
Stacie Weldon Terry