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CCEDC signs PA Tourism Coalition petition

The Carbon Chamber & Economic Development Corp. board of directors and staff have joined the growing number of partners who have signed the PA Tourism Coalition petition to show support for the proposed public-private partnership aimed at integrating statewide tourism marketing efforts to help strengthen Pennsylvania’s tourism industry.

“Tourism is critical to the economic well-being of Pennsylvania. The 208 million guests who visit the commonwealth annually generate $4.6 billion in state and local tax revenues and support more than 515,000 jobs across Pennsylvania. However, budget cuts to state tourism marketing programs, aggressive marketing campaigns by other states, as well as the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have negatively impacted tourism in the state,” according to the petition.

The CCEDC supports the creation of a public-private partnership, according to Alice Wanamaker, executive director of the CCEDC.

“We believe the partnership will positively impact our economy and create more jobs as it strengthens Pennsylvania’s position as a major tourism destination.”

State Rep. Karen Boback is reintroducing legislation, formerly HB 2099 and 2098, which would create an independent Pennsylvania Tourism Commission to serve as the state’s official tourism marketing agency.

With tourist dollars becoming increasingly more important to local economies across the state, the CCEDC agrees that it is time for Pennsylvania to transfer the responsibility of tourism marketing to a public-private partnership made up of tourism marketing professionals and industry stakeholders.

It is important for state leaders and tourism industry professionals to come together to help grow the industry and maintain the hundreds of thousands of livelihoods that tourism supports across Pennsylvania.

Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau President and CEO Chris Barrett is excited for the support from the CCEDC.

“The PMVB is excited to be a part of the PA Tourism Coalition, dedicated to exploring the establishment of a private, public, partnership to promote Pennsylvania Tourism. We are grateful for the support of the Carbon Chamber & Economic Development teams in this critical project. They are an incredible partner of the tourism community,” Barrett said.

The CCEDC is encouraging all industries of business, organizations and municipalities to sign the petition at https://www.poconomountains.com/pa-tourism-coalition/sign-up. More information, as well as a list of signers, can be found at https://www.poconomountains.com/pa-tourism-coalition.