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Regarding Jim Zbick’s Feb. 15 editorial, “Black conservatives stand their ground in Congress,” one sentence really surprised me and almost brought a laugh: Byron Donalds, R-Fla., had the temerity to wonder “why Florida residents should pay to bail out liberally governed states like New York and California.”

I’m surprised also that you didn’t rebut that comment, since it is well-documented that it is the Northeast and California which actually support most of the Southern states’ social welfare programs. The “blue states” pay out much more in tax dollars than do the Southern states; those same Southern states receive a proportionately larger share than they pay in.

Please, make sure that the information you share is balanced. In addition, Donalds’ views that the COVID-19 stimulus is “pure politics” and that holding Trump accountable for attacking our government is nonsense, are not worthy of the ink used to expose them.

Linda Zak