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Second Amendment Sanctuary

Dear Editor:

In response to the gentleman’s call for the Third Amendment sanctuary, I find it sad that he chose to use the Third Amendment as a counterexample. Fortunately for the American people, a prohibition on the forcible quartering of troops is so uncontroversial that the Third Amendment has only been the basis for one higher court decision, that being in 1982 in the Second Circuit (Engblom v. Carey).

The Second Amendment, however, has come under fire throughout history from every level of government. Some federal examples being the 1934 HR 9741, the 1968 HR 5037, the 1968 HR 17735, the 1986 HR 4332, the 1988 HR 4445 and the 1993 HR 1025. Today we have proposed bills such as HR 121, HR 125, HR 127 and HR 130.

Not only do all of these infringe on one’s right to bear arms, they also threaten the everyday life of law-abiding, gun-owning citizens. These are not even bills or laws on state level across the United States. This is why there are people trying to get a Second Amendment sanctuary passed in Carbon County.

Brandon Bell

Penn Forest Township