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Carbon County property transfers

Revenue from deeds

Carbon County Recorder of Deeds Donna Gentile reported her office recorded 273 deeds, 298 mortgages and 324 other writs during the month of January.

As a result of those transactions, Gentile turned over to the Carbon County General Fund the sum of $49,201.89. A breakdown of that revenue includes: transfer fees, $36,961.50; data processing fees, $1,560.50; notaries, $60; commission on transfers and writs, $8,617.99; and Affordable Housing administrative fee, $2,001.90.

Gentile remitted $447.50 in state writ taxes to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Revenue, while Carbon County municipalities and school districts shared realty transfer tax disbursements totaling $430,136.67, the same amount that was forwarded to the state in realty transfer taxes.

Gentile deposited $2,682 in the Recorder of Deeds Record Improvement Fund and $1,788 in the Carbon County Records Improvement Fund, these being fees assessed by state law on each transaction for records management needs. An additional $32,320.75 was collected and remitted to the state for its Judicial Computer System program. Also, $11,344.10 was collected last month for the Affordable Housing Program in Carbon County.

In all, funds collected in the recorder’s office last month amounted to $958,057.58.

Deeds recorded

Banks Township

Aura R. Balcazar to Sebastian R. Martinez, Hazleton, property at 40 Coxeville, $17,000.

Beaver Meadows

Mary Margaret Leggo to Lance Moyer, 3002 Wetzel Run Drive, Weatherly, property at 26-28 Tamaqua St., $110,000.

East Side

William R. Weeks to Eleanor Weeks, 84 Weeks Lane, White Haven, parcel No. 89A-10-A19, $1.

Franklin Township

Wells Fargo Bank N.A. to Yelena Virovlyanskaya, New York, New York, property at 327 Held St., $25,105.

Jim Thorpe

James Bretz to James R. Bretz, 916 Center St., Jim Thorpe, property at 916 Center St., $51,652.

John C. Otto to Jeffrey Rothe, 1 White Lane, Jim Thorpe, property at 1 White Lane, $420,000.

Joseph F. Krebs to John C. Otto, P.O. Box 509, Jim Thorpe, lots 164 and 169, Leisureland, $20,000.

Kidder Township

Donald R. Hertkorn to Timothy M. Hertkorn, Laguna Hills, California, property at 8 Jack Rabbit Run, Lake Harmony, $1.

Stephen Heitner Living Trust Agreement to Scott Coldwell, Ocala, Florida, property at 16 Snow Ridge Village, Lake Harmony, $107,000.

Alex De Los Santos to Izak Du Plooy, Philadelphia, property at 16 Black Bear Pass, White Haven, $232,000.

Connell T. McConeghy to Connell T. McConeghy, North Wales, property at 39 Freestyle, Lake Harmony, $1.

Douglas K. Reichert to Robert Seamans IV, New York, New York, property at 18 Snow Ridge Circle, Lake Harmony, $137,000.

Moon Lake LLC to Shreenathji LLC, Hackensack, New Jersey, property at 942 Route 940, Lake Harmony, $475,000.

M. Michael Jacobs to Holly Pfeifer, Dover, Delaware, property at 97 Southwoods, Lake Harmony, $97,000.

Nicoline Genovese to Anthoula A. Hatzopoulou, Springfield, property at 99 Nordic Drive, Lake Harmony, $155,000.

James Mullaney to Robert M. Sardis, Long Beach, New York, property at 131 Longview Drive, Lake Harmony, $430,000.

Craig Marone to Brian S. Adams, Doylestown, property at 58 Hickory Road, Lake Harmony, $320,000.

Ehab Zahran to Jeffrey Siuta, Coopersburg, property at 63 S. Lake Drive, Lake Harmony, $500,000.

Elizabeth A. Walsh to Sophia Bichotte Ligonde, Freeport, New York, property at F47 Kent Clark Road, Lake Harmony, $43,000.

Jeffrey Petrillo to Patrick Angelo Petrillo Sr., Bethlehem, property at 87 Pine Knoll Drive, Lake Harmony, $525,000.

Thomas Marchozzi to Vincent Marchozzi, Plymouth Meeting, property at 142 Mills Drive, Albrightsville, $91,424.04.

James Moore Greeby III to James Michael Greeby, Holland, Holiday Poconos lost 830 and 831, Section C, $1.

Patricia L. Smith to Stan Zhukarev, Audubon, property at 11 Lupine Drive, Lake Harmony, $260,000.


Hazard Street Realty Corporation to Jose Adolfo Zabala Daquilema, Brooklyn, New York, property at 518 E. Patterson St., $10,000.

Sheriff of Carbon County to Pennymac Loan Services LLC, Westlake Village, California, property at 5 Oak St., $1,369.10.

Lehigh Township

Aimee Allison to David R. Lewis II, Mattapoisett, Massachusetts, parcel No. 102-27-B7.01, $30,000.


Monica M. Eschbach to Jason P. Shellhammer, 205 N. Second St., Lehighton, property at 205 N. Second St., $229,000.

HPD FLIP 2019 L.P. to Thinkngrow Partners LLC, Philadelphia, property at 353 N. Second St., $70,744.

Robert J. Petit Clair to Marijane Petit Clair, 220 N. Ninth St., Lehighton, property at 220 N. Ninth St., $1.

Jessica Faye Kemmerer to Jessica Faye Kemmerer, 247 S. Seventh St., Lehighton, property at 247 S. Seventh St., $1.

Lower Towamensing Township

Richard C. Kulp Sr. Revocable Trust to Carl B. Silverstein, 105 Drift Road, Palmerton, Lot 2, Countryside Meadows, $55,000.

Mahoning Township

First Northern Bank and Trust Company to BP Developers Inc., 922 Interchange Road, Suite 101, Kresgeville, Lot 57, Phase 1, Pleasantview Drive, Summit Ridge, $28,000.


Karen Lynn Remaley to Jean Newton, 271 E. Mountaintop Road, Summit Hill, property at 128 W. Railroad St., $1.

Sony I. Hernandez to Sony I. Hernandez, Rockaway, New Jersey, property on Ridge Street, $1.

Arielle M. Schmitt to Conlin Properties LLC, Perkasie, property at 27 W. Garibaldi Ave., $17,000.


FMB Barney LLC to Eric Gavalis, 1039 Mauch Chunk Road, Palmerton, property at 1039 Mauch Chunk Road, $135,000.

Yan Kin Yeung to ABHREV LLC, Easton, property on Delaware Avenue, $90,000.

George Skorinko to Peter Mihalik, Langhorne, property at 800 Princeton Ave., $84,804.

David Keller to Black Sheep Properties LLC, Catasauqua, property at 566 Franklin Ave., $85,000.


David Keller to Hubert J. Debski, 265 Lonesome Lane, Palmerton, property at 147 Main St., $45,000.

Penn Forest Township

Patricia Mele to Michael J. Ostrom, Warminster, Lot 2196, Section IV, Towamensing Trails, $8,000.

Irwin Mark Weinblatt to Andreana Mailliard, 34 Longbrook Way, Albrightsville, property at 34 Longbrook Way, $101,000.

Whitfield Padgett to Thomas M. Matera, Philadelphia, property at 221 Drakes Creek Road, $135,000.

Fred Morales to Martin E. Alfaro, Corona, New York, Lot 214, Section L, Indian Mountain Lakes, $6,068.

Robert L. Bolton to Jonathan L. Shapiro, 21 Hummingbird Drive, Jim Thorpe, property at 21 Hummingbird Drive, $275,000.

Carmen Pascucci to Petr Novak, 223 Longfellow Circle, P.O. Box 192, Albrightsville, Lot V71, Section V, Towamensing Trails, $7,500.

Carolyn A. Rose to Rocco Calabree, Gibbstown, New Jersey, Lot V1742, Section V, Towamensing Trails, $9,900.

Stephen D. Wanamaker to Ashley Pohle, 46 Short Road, Jim Thorpe, Lot 120, Section 11, Penn Forest Streams, $11,000.

Peter J. Casey to Michael Verdon, Cape Canaveral, Florida, Towamensing Trails Lot 187, Section V, $17,500.

Stephen E. Cowan to Charles Stanley Parzyckj III, Levittown, property at 655 Shawnee Drive, aka 133 Saginaw Drive, $252,900.

Brandon Carlin to Gabriel Ortiz, P.O. Box 889, Albrightsville, property at 128 Kilmer Trail, Albrightsville, $170,000.

James Granato to Michael J. Granato, Forked River, New Jersey, Lot 13, Section B, Boulder Run Development, $1.

L&M Realty L.P. to Colville O. Brown, P.O. Box 314, Albrightsville, Lot V674, Section V, Towamensing Trails, $9,000.

L&M Realty L.P., to Castle Property Solutions Inc., Media, Lot D21999, Section IV, Towamensing Trails, $9,000.

Susanna M. Guertskie to Joanne M. Goodfellow, Clementon, New Jersey, property on Danner Road, $1.

Joanne M. Goodfellow to Joanne M. Goodfellow, Clementon, New Jersey, property on Danner Road, $1.

Kevin Ahner to Sean Werner, 252 Smith Road, Jim Thorpe, property at 252 Smith Road, $235,000.

Michele K. Buzzetta to Michele K. Buzetta, 110 Station St., Lehighton, property at 1533 Route 903, $1.

Paul J. Onuskanich to Harland J. Dorward Sr., 38 Wolf Drive, Jim Thorpe, property at 38 Wolf Drive, $160,000.

Mark T. Zagnojny to Thane Gehret, 22 Pearson Court, Albrightsville, property at 22 Pearson Court, $379,900.

Lillian Chimenti to Sol Mejias, Linden, New Jersey, Lot 1211, Section B, Indian Mountain Lakes, $4,500.

Janet M. Swaim to Alexander A. Collada, Philadelphia, property at 62 Piney Woods Drive, $206,700.

Molly Rathbun to Timothy P. Duffy, Mount Holly, New Jersey, Towamensing Trails Lot 2123, Section IV, $5,000.

John R. Mayersky Jr. to Wendi S. Leibowitz, Collingswood, New Jersey, property at 7 Spencer Lane, Albrightsville, $200,000.

David E. Mefford to David Keller, 1933 Route 903, Jim Thorpe, property at 72 Pocahontas Lane, Albrightsville, $1.

David Keller to Andro G. Fraser, 72 Pocahontas Lane, Albrightsville, property at 72 Pocahontas Lane, $99,900.

Madeline Cittadino to Ralph William Dietrich, 18 Burnshaw Lane, P.O. Box 941, Albrightsville, property at 18 Burnshaw Lane, $270,000.

Towamensing Township

L&W Investors to Victor M. Aquino, 1290 Koch Road, Kunkletown, two transactions, property at 5855 Pohopoco Drive and Lot 3B, Pohopoco Drive, $38,500 each.

Cody G. Schoenberger to Cody G. Schoenberger, 120 Elias Circle, Lehighton, property at 130 Elias Circle, $1.

Edward M. Didario to Kevin M. Shields Jr., 25 Church Road, Palmerton, property at 25 Church Road, $269,900.

Fred Weiman to Richard Bruce, 920 Koch Road, Kunkletown, property at 920 Koch Road, $279,000.