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Schuylkill purchases air purifiers

Schuylkill County commissioners purchased 25 more air purification units at Wednesday’s meeting.

By unanimous vote, commissioners voted spend $27,850 for the technology by Active Pure Technologies LLC. The county will have a total of 42 of the units it bought, Gregory Gray, a co-owner of Hydro-Therapeutics, Schuylkill Haven, said. Several were donated.

“This is not to replace our social protocols of distancing, wearing masks and being safe. It’s an extra tool in the toolbox to help keep the courthouse safe and provide public safety for our employees and our guests that visit here,” Commissioners’ Chairman Barron “Boots” Hetherington said.

Money for the air purifiers comes from CARES funding specifically allocated for courts, county Administrator Gary Bender said.

The devices are “activated by a specific wavelength of ultraviolet light, oxygen and humidity are extracted from the air to create a host of powerful oxidizers that target air and surface pollution. These oxidizers are extremely effective at destroying bacteria, volatile organic compounds and other environmental contaminants,” according to information from the company.

Hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyls, and oxidizer, are created by the technology, the company said.

The devices will be placed in the courthouse in the clerk of courts office, court administration on the third floor, district attorney’s office in both offices, both offices of juvenile probation, public defender, second floor courtroom, and hearing rooms A and E and stenographers office. The adult probation office on North Third Street will also have units installed.

Units were previously placed on courtroom 1 and courtroom 7, hearing room B, security entrance, human resources office, children and youth and office of senior services.