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Slatington man charged in connection with riot

A Slatington man has turned himself in and been charged in connection with the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.

Following the riot, the FBI asked the public to identify people who were pictured as protesters forced their way into the Capitol.

On Sunday, Craig Michael Bingert, 30, of Pin Oak Lane, saw himself in FBI photo 105. Bingert’s attorney contacted FBI Agents in the Philadelphia Field Office and he offered to turn himself in.

The photo was a still image from a Metropolitan Police Department body camera which captured people, including Bingert, pushing a barricade into MPD officers in an apparent attempt to gain access to the Capitol grounds and building.

The body camera was uploaded from several officers’ devices, including an MPD officer who was standing directly in front of Bingert. At minute 8:48 of the footage, an unidentified white man wearing sunglasses and a red hat tells the crowd, among other things, to “push them out of there,” referencing the law enforcement officers who are on the other side of the police barricade.

Bingert is wearing a military camouflage/ military style jacket and a hoodie underneath the jacket. He is wearing a blue skull cap with the words “America” visible. At minute 8:51, he is standing up against a police barricade and carrying an American flag.

At minute 8:54, a man in the red hat next to Bingert, instructs the crowd, counting “1, 2, 3 go.”

Bingert puts one of his hands, which is covered in a leather glove, onto the metal barricade and starts pushing it toward the police officers.

According to social media posts, Bingert is a graduate of the criminal justice program at Lehigh Carbon Community College and attended the State Police Academy.

Bingert, along with other members of the crowd, use their collective force to shove the barrier into the police officers.

The group then lifts the barrier up in an apparent attempt to break through the police line by ducking under the barrier.

Individuals in the crowd are screaming encouraging chants as the barrier is broken.

At minute 9:11, Bingert is still standing in the front line as police officers attempt to fend off the crowd.

In response to the crowd’s physical aggression, MPD officers took defensive postures and used tear gas to stop the group from breaking through the line of officers.

Even after the confrontation ends, Bingert remains in the area.

At one point, Bingert turns around and faces the crowd behind him and begins waving the flag as the crowd yells and chants slogans in anger, including obscenities about police.

A Jim Thorpe man, Andrew Wrigley, was charged Sunday.