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Palmerton Borough Council took the following action on Thursday:

• Authorized the borough’s financial advisers to see if it would be in the borough’s best interests to refinance the borough’s sewer and water bonds.

• Accepted a one-year contract for police Chief Randy Smith through Dec. 31.

• Appointed Donna McGarry as manager, secretary, treasurer, streets commissioner.

• Appointed Kim Rodrigues as assistant secretary.

• Appointed Keystone Consulting Engineers as general engineer.

• Appointed Entech Engineering as sewer and water engineer.

• Appointed Duane Dellecker as code enforcement officer.

• Appointed Clark Ritter as code enforcement agent.

• Appointed Berks Enviro Tech Inc. as sewer enforcement officer.

• Appointed Duane Dellecker as health officer.

• Extended the COVID-19 policy to June 30.

- Terry Ahner