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God’s country in need of help

Man’s inhumanity to fellow man appears to be a constant.

A Canadian company had contact with a local businessman and put into play a scheme to indulge themselves. They received tax credits from our government.

At one time an American Indian chief declared the Nesquehoning Valley made by the flow of the Nesquehoning Creek that originates from the top of Broad Mountain near Route 309 was bad luck and forbid his people to settle there. His daughter had thrown herself over the Glen Onoko Falls. Her father the chief did not approve of her choice of husband.

Lake Hauto was formed, dammed up to become a beautiful body of water. PPL needed the water to make electricity. The local people enjoyed a beautiful swim spot. Eventually people leased a bid of land, built cabins and eventually groups of people leased land for their organizations. Small craft was allowed.

At the top of Broad Mountain there are aquifers of mountain water. One near my home is Grassy Meadow Aquifer. We can see the water bubbling out of the ground to join many like it. .

A local businessman will lease his land to the Mammoet Canadian windmill people. This company plans to level the top of the mountain. All growth, all 80-foot trees, all raptor nests, rattlesnake nests (endangered species) then they will extract all water from area - there goes grassy meadow aquifer and when arid will dig deep into rocky land and remove. Then an enormous amount of cement will be poured to lay foundations of the ENORMOUS windmills. If translated to a building of 10-foot-high ceilings, the height will be about 70 stories high.

The blades of these monsters will be sprayed with poison propylene glycol to keep the snow from freezing. And if the snow begins to melt the snow can be flung a great distance. These windmills are not biodegradable, so when use is over they will stand in place like ghosts representing a greedy time. And our beautiful paradise will be gone.

After college and marriage I always wanted to come home. My Lansford house is just about destroyed, so Hauto Dam was our real destination. After total destruction of our home by fire we rebuilt on the spot. I call it God’s country.

Sincerely and needing help!

Irene A. Genther, nee Breslin