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Time for a different view

We really don’t believe it. We had to see a lot of negative writings about President Trump the last four years. And guess what. They’re still at it. We thought since they all feel Biden will be president the Trump bashing would end.

Not once did they ever give President Trump credit for anything he did. One example, his latest accomplishment, Warp Speed. He removed restrictions and gave money to pharmaceutical companies to encourage them to create vaccines at a record pace. As far as the pandemic, he did not dictate any rules but allowed states to govern how they deemed necessary.

Some forgot when Donald Trump was inaugurated there were riots, windows smashed, cars burned, celebrities threatening to blow up the White House and assassinate him. It seems they forget a lot very easily.

As far as this past year, we saw “mostly peaceful protests” with ambient lighting from buildings burning in the background. We could not go to church or dine out, but if we wanted some entertainment we could join one of these protests or help pull on some ropes to topple statues. It seems the democratic way to changing something that bothers you is to destroy it.

As for the election, It’s strange that Biden acquired the most votes in Pennsylvania in a city that’s on the Top 10 list of most corrupt cities in this country, Philadelphia.

No we don’t want the Senate to close their eyes. We want the truth about Adam Schiff’s constant accusations, the Biden family corruption scandal, Pelosi’s and Schumer’s real agenda for the U.S. and how fast the far left want to get us to socialism. There’s more we could add, but we would run out of the number of allotted words we can use.

We can’t wait to see what happens after Jan. 20. So far it doesn’t look too good.

Connie and Rich Banko


PS: Could someone please tell Obama he is no longer president and to do what other ex-presidents have done: Retire quietly.