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Brodhead Watershed hosts photo contest

Need a reason to get outdoors and appreciate winter’s beauty? Exercise your natural creativity in Brodhead Watershed Association’s “Water in Winter” photo contest.

Photographers are invited to submit images depicting water in winter - frozen waterfalls, ice formations, winter fishing and more.

All submitted photos will have a chance to be featured in BWA’s Get Outdoors Poconos campaign, across BWA’s social media and on BWA’s website with proper credit given to the photographer.

All ages and families are encouraged to participate.

Please send no more than one photo submission to info@brodheadwatershed.org.

Submission guidelines include:

1. All submission emails must include the location of photo, other detail (such as trail name, waterfall name, etc.) and date taken.

2. All submission emails must include photographer’s first name, last name and email.

3. Please attach no more than one eligible photograph to your email.

Contest is open for submissions Jan. 15 to March 15.

For information and contest details, see brodheadwatershed.org.

Brodhead Watershed Association is a nonprofit environmental organization formed in 1989. BWA is dedicated to protecting and preserving water resources and the environment of the Brodhead watershed, and the water quality of the Brodhead, Cherry, Marshalls, McMichael, Paradise and Pocono creeks and their tributaries.

For information: info@brodheadwatershed.org or 570-839-1120.