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Carbon County property transfers

Deeds recorded

Banks Township

Barbara A. Badamo to Electric City Homes Inc., Jessup, property at 37 Cherry St., Tresckow, $30,000.

East Penn Township

Judd S. Schleicher to Timothy J. Murphy, 1949 Germans Road, Lehighton, property at 1899 Germans Road, $65,000.

Joseph F. Scibilia Jr. to James B. Williams, 3594 Mountain Road, Germansville, property on West Lizard Creek Road, $126,000.

Franklin Township

David M. Pronchick to Josue Nieves, Philadelphia, property at 1546 Long Run Road, $19,900.

Ronald Prator to Jacob Beers, 210 Knoll Drive, Lehighton, property at 210 Knoll Drive, $290,000.

Raymond M. Schnell to Gregory J. Sheaffer, 245 Fairview St., Lehighton, property at 245 Fairview St., $168,300.

Donald H. Dorward Jr. to Donald H. Dorward Sr., 780 Rock St., Lot 3, Dorward Minor Subdivision, $1.

Jim Thorpe

James P. Dougher to Stephen G. Ambrose, 284 W. Broadway, Jim Thorpe, property at 284 W. Broadway, $235,000.

J&T Lobacj LLC to John Paul Kravchak, 234 South St., Jim Thorpe, property at 214 North St., $79,000.

Elizabeth Mulligan Hoare to Kendra A. Palmer, 728 Center St., Jim Thorpe, property at 728 Center St., $314,000.

Jeffrey J. Kotz to Scott J. Miller, Allentown, property at 90 Center Ave., $40,000.

Thomas E. McBride to Nido Enterprises LLC, 29 Broadway, Jim Thorpe, property at 29 Broadway, $200,000.

William T. Schrader to James A. Kuhnert, Boonton, New Jersey, property at 168 W. Broadway, $120,000.

Renee P. Smith to Renee P. Smith, 232 South St., Jim Thorpe, property at 232 South St., $1.

Kidder Township

Mark B. Zinman to John Makatche, 305 N. Lake Drive, Lake Harmony, property at 305 N. Lake Drive, $800,000.

E. Louise Dougherty to Anthony J. Paragas, Long Island City, New York, property at 383 Moseywood Road, Lake Harmony, $40,500.

Deborah A. Sloss to John B. Pieper, Clinton, New Jersey, property at 3 LaBarre Drive, Lake Harmony, $750,000.

Mark Anthony Criswell to FKS Management Group LLC, Silverdale, property at 20 Gregory Place, Lake Harmony, $113,000.

Krisktere LLC to John W. Day, Piscataway, New Jersey, property at 481 Moseywood, No. 2, Lake Harmony, $157,500.

Ryan P. Gilliar to Christopher Muy, P.O. Box 1768, Albrightsville, property at 15 E. Fawn Grove Drive, Albrightsville, $245,000.

Todd C. Smith to Theodore T. Jeffries, Malvern, property at 58 Crest Drive, Lake Harmony, $420,000.


Christopher T. Foley to Christopher T. Foley, 160 Eastside Ave., Lehighton, property at 160 Eastside Ave., $1.

Lower Towamensing Township

Palmerton Preferred Properties LLC to Charles Plumaker, Nazareth, property at 2760 Little Gap Road, $349,000.

Donna Lee Smith to Gennadiy Yaroslavskiy, 112 Northcreek Drive, Palmerton, property at 112 Northcreek Drive, $500,000.

Frederick A. Bahner to James M. Morris, 4150 Little Gap Road, Palmerton, property at 4150 Little Gap Road, $150,000.

Mary M. Schoch to Alfred Allen Reph III, 110 Red Hill Road, Palmerton, property at 110 Red Hill Road, $1.

Mahoning Township

Henry B. Bisbing to Joseph P. Henry, 338 Mahoning Heights Road, Lehighton, property at 338 Mahoning Heights Road and property on Spring Street, $230,000.

Robert F. Kulp to Stephanie L. Sylvester, 145 Ashtown Drive, Lehighton, property at 145 Ashtown Drive, $158,000.

Brian L. Borger to Brian L. Borger, 14 Willard Drive, Lehighton, property at 14 Willard Drive, $1.

Olya Broadwell to Volodymyr Flis, Huntingdon Valley, property on Teliha Drive, $13,500.


Timothy Conarty to Maretin McDermott, 266 Stock St., Nesquehoning, property at 266 Stock St., $75,000.

Packer Township

Joseph P. Semasek to Semasek Irrevocable Grantor Trust, McAdoo, two transactions, parcels No. 131-46-B12.01 and 131-46-B15.01, $3,848 and $426.24, respectively.


Kyle Porvaznik to Andrew Jarred Lewis, 509 Columbia Ave., Palmerton, property at 509 Columbia Ave., $145,000.

Jessica L. Schuon to Christopher M. Skelton, 940 Edgemont Ave., Palmerton, property at 940 Edgemont Ave., $10.

Michael Sosik to Michael Sosik, 827 Columbia Ave., Palmerton, property at 827 Columbia Ave., $1.


Andrea Giovanni to Grzegorz Paplinski, Allentown, property at 291 Main St., $8,500.

Penn Forest Township

William Witte to Alex Yazkoff, Philadelphia, property at 27 Chickadee Lane, Albrightsville, $155,000.

Staple Holdings LLC to Maritza Rios, East Stroudsburg, property at 25 Pine Tree Road, Albrightsville, $53,500.

William C. Highland to Samantha R. Puca, 55 White Spruce Way, Jim Thorpe, property at 55 White Spruce Way, $226,500.

Paul A. Capozzi to Douglas F. Fuller, Phoenixville, property at 87 Kilmer Trail, Albrightsville, $320,000.

Kyle Alan Olcott to Wayne Burkholtz, 369 Unionville Road, Jim Thorpe, property at 369 Unionville Road, $347,500.

Hugo Campoverde to Rajesh Pushparajan, Bellerise, New York, property at 5 Highridge Road, Albrightsville, $274,000.

Robert H. Ischinger to James Joseph Laber, Berlin, Maryland, Lot 529, Section 7, Pinoak Drive, Penn Forest Streams, $12,000.

Nathaniel Harrison to George David Hiller II, 18 Spokane Road, Albrightsville, property at 18 Spokane Road, $185,000.

Lawrence J. Passariello to Francis Gallagher, Willow Grove, Lot 1172, Section III, Towamensing Trails, $12,500.

Mary Ann Browarek to Revocable Trust of Lauren S. Helfgott, West Chester, Towamensing Trails Lot 1353, Section III, $16,500.

James H. Courts to Clifford J. Kellett, Ridley Park, property at 353 Kilmer Trail, Albrightsville, $176,000.

Fred A. Thompson to John Duccilli, Green Lane, Lot V55, Section V, Towamensing Trails, $9,700.

Nina Petrocelli to Rosaria F. Licata, Hackensack, New Jersey, Lot V1398, Section V, Towamensing Trails, $1.

Charles E. McGrath to Donald F. Russell, East Rockaway, New York, property at 16 Uffelman Lane, Albrightsville, $194,900.

William M. Munson to Tina M. Munson, 13 Tamarack Terrace, Albrightsville, property at 13 Tamarack Terrace, $1.

Andrew N. Werst to Alexander Kryvorutsky, 77 Shadblue Lane, Jim Thorpe, property at 77 Shadblue Lane, $105,000.

Gary Kerns to Patricia Whitehurst, 187 Patten Circle, Albrightsville, property at 187 Patten Circle, $225,000.

Brian R. Molineux to Braulio Antonio Alvear, P.O. Box 1551, Albrightsville, property at 102 Lipo Way, Albrightsville, $199,000.

Frank C. Russo to Tatasyn LLC, Blakeslee, Towamensing Trails Lot V-72, Section E-V, $7,000.

Christopher Place to Perry J. Didyoung, 85 Ridge Circle, Lehighton, property at 85 Ridge Circle, $160,200.

Michael D. Pope to Alexander Weissman, Newtown, property at 659 Behrens Road, $450,000.

Patrick S. Walsh to Keith Richards, 77 Quail Drive, Jim Thorpe, Behrens Subdivision Lot 23, Section F, $14,000.

Tax Claim Bureau of Carbon County to Land Trustings LLC, Clarks Summit, two properties on Ute Trail in Mount Pocahontas, $813 and $748.

Tax Claim Bureau of Carbon County to Geoffrey S. Mosebach, P.O. Box 208, Albrightsville, four properties in Towamensing Trails as follows: two properties on Dryden Drive, $827 and $822; property on Poe Circle, $822; and property on Shakespeare Circle, $724.

Tax Claim Bureau of Carbon County to Joseph E. Laschenski III, Harleysville, five properties in Towamensing Trails as follows: property on Lang Way, $739; property on Holmes Way, $936; property on Caedman Drive, $636; property on MacCauley Road, $749; and property on Miller Way, $1,045.

Lewis G. Walker to Lewis G. Walker IV, Spring City, property at 354 Kilmer Trail, Albrightsville, $1.

Louis J. Sulsona to Michael A. Wojtas, Woodhaven, New York, property at 22 Hillcrest Drive, aka 44 Hillcrest Drive, Albrightsville, $51,500.

Arlette Beauchamp to Paul Salvan, West Windsor, New Jersey, property at 141 Caedman Drive, Albrightsville, $195,000.

Carl Bogner to Jeanine R. Jones, 88 Saginaw Drive, Jim Thorpe, Lot 479, Section E, Pocono Forest Lake, $12,000.

Walter G. O’Neil to Marcia R. Sinchi Bravo, 49 Gower Road, Albrightsville, property at 49 Gower Road, $260,000.

Paul Donnelly to Mark C. Roccograndi Sr., 251 Towamensing Trail, P.O. Box 304, Albrightsville, Lot V1254, Section V, Towamensing Trails, $5,920.

Robert Fanaro to Pierre Carl Lachaud, 232 Old Stage Road, Albrightsville, property at 232 Old Stage Road, $171,000.

Jeffrey W. Carbohn Jr. to Brian P. Gallagher, Ambler, Lot V643, Section V, Towamensing Trails, $13,000.

Marjorie H. Cumella to Irene G. White, Carrollton, Virginia, Lot 116, Section D, Indian Mountain Lakes, $6,956.

John J. Boyd III to Michael R. Galantino, Springfield, property at 161 Ginsburg Circle, Albrightsville, $190,000.

Bernhard E. Kabitzke to David J. Strohl, 87 Mountain View Drive, Jim Thorpe, property at 87 Mountain View Drive, $230,000.

Ryan Hand to Brian Leu, Roselle, New Jersey, property at 115 Lucretius Trail, Albrightsville, $200,000.

Great Pocono Homes LLC to Jesse Krupocin, Philadelphia, lots 221 and 231, Section A, Hickory Run Forest, $22,900.

Leslie W. Eadeh Revocable Deed of Trust to Shaun McStravick, Abington, property at 18 Longfellow Circle, Albrightsville, $755,000.

Robert Gallo to Anton Shembel, Brooklyn, New York, property at 30 Wilde Glen, Albrightsville, $239,900.

Harry Druding Jr. to Bryant John Diessner, Philadelphia, property at 148 Ginsburgh Circle, Albrightsville, $105,000.

Alexander S. Diamond to Julie A. Mahaffey, Feasterville, property at 25 Spencer Lane, Albrightsville, $144,900.

Andrew Leadbeater to Kamel Boukerrou, Brooklyn, New York, Lot V1805, Section V, Towamensing Trails, $9,000.

Katharine S. Laudati to Alnona G. Demaria Outwater, 13 Pine Tree Road, Albrightsville, Lot 110, Section A, Indian Mountain Lakes, $59,000.

Michael Waelz to Michael Waelz, Basking Ridge, New Jersey, property at C19 Indian Trail, $1.

Richard Bayer to Michael J. McGill, Philadelphia, property at 56 Pope Lane, Albrightsville, $188,000.

Michael Kaplun to Boris Sherman, Brooklyn, New York, Lot 1026, Section III, Towamensing Trails, $250,000.

Great Pocono Homes LLC to Wico E. Van Genderen, P.O. Box 655, Albrightsville, Lot V1468, Section V, Towamensing Trails, $5,000.

Bogin Kyle Zuercher to Brian W. Roder, Blakeslee, property at 157 Gower Road, Albrightsville, $170,500.

Jeffrey A. Burger to Maryanna Bogucki, Yonkers, New York, property at 140 Stoney Creek Road, $106,000.

Christy M. Solowej to Frank Cerminaro III, Douglassville, property at 196 Smith Road, $265,000.

Jane A. Bogle to Edgar A. Ruano, 3170 Forest St., Lehighton, property at 183 Eliot Lane, Albrightsville, $209,000.

Reba H. Groff to Justin Gambone, Millersville, lots 29 and 31, Bear Creek Lakes, $10,000.

Louis A. Mongello to William D. Clark Jr., West Chester, property at 28 Sandburg Glen, Albrightsville, $215,000.

Benjamin C. Craig to Benjamin Francis Craig, Point Pleasant, property at 166 Wylie Circle, Albrightsville, $1.

Denise Capasso to Ryan M. Bornstein, P.O. Box 1822, Albrightsville, property at 39 Hopkins Circle, Albrightsville, $540,000.

Richard Hutchinson to Sky Properties LLC, Doylestown, Lot 1239, Section III, Towamensing Trails, $15,250.

Christopher Kane to Sky Properties LLC, Doylestown, Lot 1524, Section III, Towamensing Trails, $12,000.

Laurence J. Dougherty to Tish Salim Bey, Abington, property at 27 Dillon Way, Albrightsville, $163,500.

Arthur C. Meza to Sergey Shapka, Corona, New York, property at 38 Shawnee Trail, Albrightsville, $147,777.

Kevin Becker to Carole Stratton, Trevose, property at 207 Chapman Circle, Albrightsville, $165,000.

William H. Wheeler to Andrew Carbonaro, 32 Basswood Court, Albrightsville, property at 32 Basswood Court, $128,000.

Christian D. Fehrenbacher to Susan Yanavok, 41 Autumn Lane, Jim Thorpe, property at 41 Autumn Lane, $92,500.

Joseph Andl to Kathleen M. Wiseman, Philadelphia, property at 5 Hickory Drive, Albrightsville, $185,000.

Kane W. Nelson Sr. to Tracey Nelson, 82 Whitman Lane, P.O. Box 2075, Albrightsville, property at 782 Whitman Lane, $1.

Federico Perez to Andrianna Perez, Jersey City, New Jersey, Lot 934, Section 3, Mt. Pocahontas, $6,000.

Land Trustings LLC to Renold Mitchell, New York, New York, two transactions on Mount Pocahontas, including Lot 1361, Section 5, and Lot 1358, Section 5, $6,000 each.

Robert J. Taptich to Robert Crossfield, Philadelphia, Lot VI 215, Section VI, Towamensing Trails, $18,500.

Marion L. Mraz to Douglas R. Mattson, Havertown, Lot 1, Section H, Laurel Hill Area, Bear Creek Lakes, $15,000.

Nicholas E. Brandish to Nicholas E. Brandish, 15 Shelly Court, P.O. Box 1142, Albrightsville, $1.

Harry Guardiola to Dennis Pinto, 60 Bluejay Drive, Jim Thorpe, property at 60 Bluejay Drive, $209,000.

Joseph Edward Laschenski III to Michael E. Witzel, 28 Chinook Trail, Albrightsville, property at 28 Chinook Trail, $138,000.

Rolston Elmon Christopher to Craig Mazzola, 111 Patten Circle, Albrightsville, property at 111 Patten Circle, $280,000.

Tammy M. Ewer to Neil Hoffman, Philadelphia, property at 11 Orange Lane, $117,500.

James Mullin Jr. to Crystal Dubin, 17 Kathy Court, Albrightsville, property at 17 Kathy Court, $292,500.

Eric I. Neal to Richard Reinert, Southampton, property at 19 Parker Trail, Albrightsville, $149,000.

T&B Ventures LLC to Ellina Enton, Southampton, property at 632 S. Old Stage Road, Albrightsville, $130,000.

Lee L. Burg to Michael G. Messer, Oreland, property at 460 Kilmer Trail, Albrightsville, $169,900.

Towamensing Township

Jeffrey L. Minnich Sr. to Samantha Marie Haydt, 60 Nathan Circle, Lehighton, property at 60 Nathan Circle, $255,000.

Gierprgio Ivanov to Gueorgui Ivanov, Hamilton, New Jersey, Lot 6, LaMontage Drive, $1.

Kathy A. Ritton to Melissa L. Capra, 60 Margaret St., Palmerton, property at 60 Margaret St., $276,000.