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Time to choose

It started on Jan. 23 when President Donald Trump refused to accept information by his top intelligence officials about COVID-19. Then his administration sabotaged our health and played havoc with our lives by not following the pandemic plans that were already in place for 17 years. So little concern from the party of pro-life.

Millions are still unemployed, layoffs continue, and despite what he has said, the economic rebound is losing steam. Wow, Financial Times: “U.S. Trade Deficit in August Widest in 14 Years.” Fortune: Key Analysts “Blue Wave Would Boost Economy.” Try and spin that.

He gave billionaires a massive tax cut, and per Forbes, 600 of them made over $434 billion in wealth since the pandemic. They have exorbitant amounts of money to buy up homes if people can’t make their payments. Thirty years of income inequality as it flowed to the top.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is clear that his administration will undo the confiscatory socialism giveaways to corporations. No tax increase for people making under $400,000 and start a badly needed infrastructure plan. When 400 of the richest people own $3.5 trillion of wealth in this country, when there are thousands of homeless people and millions are struggling to live, we need to choose better people to make decisions.

He has eroded our most sacred institutions. He uses “psychological warfare against our Democracy.” That statement was made by Tom Nichols, Professor of National Security Affairs at the U.S. Naval War College. There is the “Open Letter to America” where 489 former defense officials support Biden and even the astonishing Republican “Lincoln Project” mission to defeat Trumpism.

He has a bulldozer, abusive, domineering personality, who in words and deed follows the autocratic style. He is on the way to taking our beloved country from a democratic republic to an autocracy.

Debra Becker