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Biden or Trump

Who would you be most proud of for your son, daughter or grandkids to emulate when they become adults?

A man who rode home every night from D.C. to Delaware to put his two boys to bed after their mother and sister were killed or a man who showed little interest in his children because money was more important?

A man who paid any bill he owed or a man who filed for bankruptcy six times to avoid paying his?

A man who goes to church regularly and who carries the rosary of his dead son in his pocket or a man who had the streets cleared in D.C. to have a photo op in front of a church he never entered?

A man who helps a young boy with a stutter or one who goes on national TV and mocks a disabled man?

A man who believes every life is important or one who thinks the economy rules over everything including 220,000 American lives?

A man whose son went to war and who he was proud of or a man who calls veterans suckers and losers?

A man who believes every vote counts and that our democracy is important or a man who wants a second term and will cheat to get it?

It’s not hard to figure out who to choose. It’s something to think about when choosing the next president. Please vote.

Patricia Hawk