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Man strikes vehicles in Walmart parking lot, escapes capture

Mahoning Township Police are looking for a suspect who struck several vehicles in the Walmart parking lot and then ran away.

Township police Chief Audie Mertz said the incident occurred at 8:05 p.m. when a white Ford F150 drove across the parking lot, hit the curve next the pharmacy drive-thru, went over that curb and struck some shrubbery, and hit three parked cars.

Mertz said two of the cars sustained heavy damage and had to be towed, while the third vehicle had damage but was drivable.

After the crash, he said the pickup truck drove around the back of the store, went down the driveway, and stopped at the pump station.

Mertz said the suspect ran from the truck and escaped capture.

The investigation is still ongoing, he said.

Mertz said police do have a suspect.