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Angry young Americans

The current rioting and toppling of our national memorials offers credibility and confirms most young Americans are not well-read, lack any understanding of Western tradition and democracy itself.

Young Americans and anarchists truly confirm that ignorance is bliss. They have demonstrated to our nation how undereducated and leaderless their agenda is.

What we are witnessing as a nation is that when anger is your life mentor, self-destruction is your ally as seen in these attacks on our nations memorials which is under the disguise of correcting a wrong in the belief that two wrongs make a right.

What these protesters fail to understand, these monuments were built to memorialize the past in hope of not repeating it. Will the next course of events be the destruction of war memorials and Holocaust museums?

Those who believe removing these monuments will improve our human advancement will in time realize this is a false security that appeals to their insecurities and will result in repeating the acts of inhumanity.

The protesters who desecrated statues in the name of social justice only proved their lack of education and reckless agenda.

Jerry Funk

Jim Thorpe