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How to fix partisan behavior?

While Bruce Frassinelli illustrated that “The Rich Get Richer” while the other 90% of us get poorer - a reality that has been going on for at least the last 40 years, the question how and why this transfer of wealth continues to occur is not addressed in that writing. The following is my observation, experience and opinion.

What escapes scrutiny and accountability far too often is the productivity - or lack thereof - of our federal and state legislatures: Representatives and senators, Democrats and Republicans. While they wage the partisan “we/they game” and keep everyone divided, they do nothing to fix our major economic, social and environmental issues and problems.

Behind the scenes, both political parties quietly protect and enhance the fortunes of the wealthiest 10% of big corporations and wealthy donors while keeping us focused on other issues such as the pandemic, the Mr. America Presidential Pageant, demonstrator violence, unemployment, police behavior, the latest attention-getting tweet, etc. I, for one, am insulted at being treated like a rube before a sideshow barker while senators and representatives are not earning their salaries and benefits.

How to fix this partisan behavior? We need to stop being blindly devoted to one political party or the other as they are virtually identical under the surface - and stop knee-jerk voting for incumbents who achieve nothing. We need legislators who will work together for the welfare of the majority. Our federal and state legislatures would have needed funds for balanced budgets if tax “loopholes” are closed and wealth is redistributed. We just need to demand all this of those who want our vote.

David thor Straten-Mohr