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Vote for the future

For four years we have watched as Trump has removed all ethical, hardworking people from every department responsible for the smooth running of a country. They have been replaced by donors and sycophants willing to do whatever Trump desires. For those same four years we have heard and read media reports condemning those actions.

I myself have complained over and over to my senator, Pat Toomey. I get no reply to my specific fears and concerns that do not fit into a form letter supporting Trump. But then, that is the real corruption in Washington today. The entire Republican Party has rolled over and played dead with no real effort on Trump’s part. They could have defended the country instead of a corrupt, inept individual. They could have defended the rule of law, oversight and our democracy.

One man cannot destroy a country without the cooperation of those around him. This cooperation has been lavished on Trump by Republicans and they alone will be responsible for the pending destruction of our country. And, destroy it he will if re-elected.

But make no mistake, Republican silence will be the ultimate cause of our destruction. Nothing will change if we only elect a new president. We must elect politicians willing to defend our beloved country and not the man. Please, folks! Please be the last protector of our democracy and vote. Don’t allow vigilantes and conspiracy theorist to do it for you. Without you I fear for our future. Vote for decency and honesty!

Linda Maguire

Jim Thorpe