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State police at Fern Ridge

State police at Fern Ridge reported on incidents being investigated by troopers.

• On Aug. 17 at 8:25 a.m. a 58-year-old man from Brodheadsville, reported he received a email that his Amazon account had been compromised. The victim said he checked his account information and a link to a different website appeared on his screen. The victim said he called the number that the website listed and spoke to a male who identified himself as a Amazon employee named “Nick.” Nick instructed the victim that in order to get his money refunded, he need to go out and buy several gift cards. The victim went to multiple stores and purchased $5,000 in gift cards. The victim then gave Nick the gift card information over the phone.

The investigation is continuing.

• A 67-year-old woman from Roberts Lane in Jackson Township, Monroe County, reported that someone gained access to her Social Security checks totaling $2,600. The victim said the person also opened up a Dish Network account in her name resulting in $479 in charges and opened a US Bank Visa card in the name of “Donald Wood” using her address.

The investigation is continuing.

• A resident of Wylie Circle, in Penn Forest Township, Carbon County, reported on Aug. 21 that two garden gnomes were removed from his property. The victim said the gnomes had high sentimental value to him because they were a memorial for his deceased twin daughters. His home surveillance captured suspects removing the gnomes. The investigation is continuing.

• On July 20 at 12:20 p.m. a man from Effort reported someone used his daughter’s name to open a cable service account. The amount due on the account is $1,068. The investigation is continuing.

• On July 27 at 4:49 p.m. troopers were dispatched to Gymnastic Way, Jackson Township, Monroe County, for a report of a theft. On scene five victims, all females, reported several clothing items were stolen from their cabin. The estimated value of property loss was $13,900. The victims are from Lakewood, New Jersey, and Brooklyn, New York.