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Lehighton woman celebrates 100 years

On Friday, Lehighton resident Shirley Irene Nothstein Jones celebrated her 100th birthday on the lawn of The Summit Nursing Rehabilitation Center in Lehighton.

State Rep. Doyle Heffley was in attendance and awarded Shirley a congratulatory citation for her achievement courtesy of the state House of Representatives.

The citation states, “Born in Weissport on July 31, 1920, Ms. Jones has demonstrated the highest ideals of citizenship throughout the years and truly deserves special recognition. She is the proud mother of one child and also has been blessed with three grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. Now therefore, the House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania pays tribute to Shirley Irene Nothstein Jones upon the joyous celebration of her one hundredth birthday; notes with appreciation that she has generously contributed to the well-being of others; offers best wishes for every future happiness.”

Shirley’s granddaughter Jennifer Mease talked about Shirley and her life.

Shirley grew up in the Lehighton area most of her life along with her two sisters and she worked at the Scotty’s Fashions clothing store previously located at the Carbon Plaza Mall.

She was married to Howard Jones and had one son, also named Howard Jones, three grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. Shirley has always been a devoted and involved member of Lehighton’s Grace Lutheran Church and its women’s group, the Legion Auxiliary and the Turtles Club as well.

When asked about her grandmother’s secret to a long and healthy life, Jennifer said that her grandma never drove and always walked everywhere she went, whether it was to the Mauch Chunk 5 & 10 or to Mallard Market to get her groceries. Walking everywhere is what Jennifer believes kept her so healthy.

Jennifer’s favorite memories with her grandmother are from when they would go to the beach together. Shirley’s favorite thing to do there was to collect seashells along the shore. She also loved Montana and enjoyed going there to visit her nephew.

Shirley loves to watch TV, with one of her favorite shows being “The Waltons.” In addition to TV she also loves to watch movies and would often take the bus to go to the movie theater in the past.

Out of all of Shirley’s interests, her favorite thing of all is her loving and supportive family which all came together to celebrate such a momentous occasion this past Friday.

Shirley Jones on her 100th birthday. LINDSEY BOWMAN/SPECIAL TO THE TIMES NEWS