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More nonsense

I don’t subscribe to your paper; I like to pick it up on Saturday from the paper machine near the post office in Beaver Meadows. I like the Saturday edition because I enjoy reading “It’s In Your Nature” articles by Barry Reed and the Mrs. gets to check the coupon supplements.

But on July 18, Linda Maguire wrote a letter to the editor (titled “Over The Edge”) and maybe she was the one last week who viewed her opinion on the same subject of Trump “betraying our soldiers to Russia” and Putin. The story of Russia and Putin putting up bounty to kill our troops has not be verified by any source of credibility. To coin that familiar phrase, “It’s fake news.”

In fact, if you read about that story, it contains things like: sources close to the matter, people with knowledge of the incident, persons familiar with the situation. Not one name!

It’s like my neighbor going to my priest and telling the priest my sins because he may be familiar with, may have possible unverified proof of, or was a possible witness that he may have seen me sin from his house a block and a half away while he was cutting his grass.

It’s just more nonsense to smear Trump.

David Budda

Beaver Meadows