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Mail-in voting needs improvements

Dear Mr. Frassinelli,

I voted by mail-in ballot for my first time ever in the primary, and I thought the process of getting the ballot, filling it out, and mailing it in was easy. Nonetheless, I was appalled at how long it took to count the votes. Something must be done, and for a reason you did not mention.

Imagine that the electoral college vote hangs on Pennsylvania. Now imagine in the early projections President Donald Trump is ahead, but as the mail-in ballots are counted over the next week, Joe Biden pulls ahead. Will Trump go silently into that good night? I don’t think so.

He will claim fraud and cheating, and he will refuse to leave office. We will have a constitutional crisis that will rip this country apart. I don’t know how states like Utah where all the ballots are mail-in do it, but I hope we can learn from them in the next few months.


Roy Christman