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Trump’s true stature

To the Editor:

I seldom agree with the op-ed articles by Jim Zbick, but I certainly agreed with the one published on July 6 titled “Trump In His Element at Mt. Rushmore Event.” I cannot remember a more fitting event to show Trump’s true stature. There he stood, in front of four of America’s most important historical figures.

There was Washington, who could have been king, but who believed in a republican form of government. There was Jefferson, flawed in his personal life, but the author of the Declaration of Independence that still inspires people around the world. And Lincoln, who led the nation through what is still the most bloody war in American history but saved the Union. Finally, Teddy Roosevelt, war hero and the man who almost single-handedly raised our awareness of the importance of our environment.

In front of those magnificent images of men who did so much to make this country great was little Trump, tweeting away, afraid to wear a mask, ignoring Putin’s bounty on American soldiers in Afghanistan, and doing his best to stir up hatred. Zbick was so right. This event showed just what a small, small man Trump really is.


Marian R. Hoffner