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Disillusioned by government

President Trump can do no RIGHT - according to the newspapers and TV newsmen and the democrats. This is so not TRUE.

They keep saying that he is not telling us what he is going to do for us. He does not have to tell us Americans what he will do for us, as he is already doing it. Building the wall - just finish it. Continue stopping the drug flow and prevent more illegal immigrants from entering the country. Remove the unemployed immigrants and non-taxpaying immigrants from the USA.

Apparently about 10 million in USA and 2.2 million in California and 170,000 in Pennsylvania. They are costing us more than we can afford to pay to keep them here. Stop our terrorist enemies and continue keeping us safe. Continue working on bringing back manufacturing and jobs.

Work on lowering drug prices. Work on getting the unemployment rates back down to 3 to 4 percent. (COVID-19 is not his fault - this virus came from China). Stop the Dems from doing illegal activities and trying to impeach the president. Their behavior has been atrocious and very disrespectful.

Continue to make laws and rules that benefit “We the People.” I wish he could work on eliminating the pork spending and get better control of these outrageous government officials. I hope Nancy Pelosi is removed from office - tearing up the State of the Union speech, kneeling to honor George Floyd, and make her stop speaking ill of our commander in chief. She needs to show more respect to the office of the highest level - our president – President Trump. After all she is not the boss, he is. Thank you.

PS. I am not sure who they call for these surveys, but they didn’t call me. Trump 2020. Just my opinion.

Susan Silfies