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Riding a Horse (Valiant)

Did you ever get a desire to do something you’ve never done before? Well, that happened to me yesterday. It was such a beautiful day, and I was just so tired of being penned up in the house. I grabbed a big bottle of Germ-X and headed on an aimless quest to find something, anything different.

As I cruised the countryside for what seemed like hours, I saw it. It was wonderful. It was beautiful. It was a horse!

It stood there alone and mighty. Its eyes dared me to hop on its back. Its stance seemed to say, “Hop on, big boy.” And I did.

I jumped onto my mighty steed, and I was transformed into a knight in shining armor riding to rescue a damsel in distress. My ride was the thrill of a lifetime. I had no idea where this brave equine would take me next, and I DIDN’T CARE.

Suddenly we stopped. Did this magical beast need to rest?

I felt a tap on my back - soon another and then a pretty heavy poke. I opened my eyes, turned, and saw a man wearing a white mask, a hard hat and gloves. He was holding a broom and was preparing to poke me again.

I said, “Whoa there partner, what gives?” He replied, “Get off the horse.” Reluctantly I dismounted. I bid farewell to Valiant, that’s what I named him, and gave him one last hug. I got back in my car, but as I drove away, I rolled the window down and yelled to Valiant. “I’ll be back! And next time I’ll bring a whole roll of quarters.”

Last night I went back. There was Valiant, proud as ever. His eyes beckoned. I took a few steps toward him and then froze. There my beautiful warhorse stood with a sign around his neck, OUT OF ORDER, and in small letters: Try the rocket ship at the Giant.

Suddenly I was away to save Jean Luc and Captain Kirk and maybe Yoda and ... “Beam me up, Scotty!”

I hope this little fantasy brought a smile to your face. In these confusing times, it’s hard to see any brightness in the world. I think about Easter and how Jesus’ resurrection has given us faith, hope, courage and love. He makes us Valiant.

Barry Gangwer