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Former Congressman Dent announces he has COVID-19

Former Congressman Charlie Dent announced Monday night that he has tested positive for COVID-19. He took the test last Tuesday.

“I had been feeling unwell for a few days beforehand and I took the test on the advice of my doctor. They said that obtaining the test results could take eight or more days. I was surprised to receive them on Saturday, after only four days,” Dent posted.

Dent said his symptoms are mild. “I experienced a mild cough along with an achy back that made for a few rough, sleepless nights. I also experienced chills and the sweats at various times, although I never felt feverish. That was the worst of it for me,” Dent said.

He said fatigue remains and he is working from home.

“While not tested for COVID-19, my wife has experienced some of the same symptoms I have, and she had a few rough days. Thankfully, Pam’s doing better and my adult children are holding up quite well,” Dent said.

“Remember to show appreciation to front-line workers in health care, public safety, life-science/medical technology, trucking, logistics, agriculture, grocery stores and elsewhere who risk their well-being for the benefit of the rest of us,” he said.