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Something has to be done

No. 1 question: What’s wrong with the Carbon County commissioners? Why are they not interested in getting business into the boroughs that need it? Example: Lansford, Summit Hill, Nesquehoning or Weissport.

Here we need the help. But the commissioners only make sure the bigger boroughs get the help. Why don’t they get together with the borough councils and bring help to make taxes lighter on the people who live there?

No. 2 question: Why is the school tax going up? And why is the Panther Valley School Board voting for raises? The school is almost always in the bottom part of good schools. But the board sits there and says what a great job it’s doing.

If some of these boroughs don’t get help, people aren’t going to hang around. We need business here to keep people. (No Jobs, no money, no people)

There are too many empty buildings, stores, homes. Something has to be done. Schools will get better and boroughs will get better and people will be proud again.

I remain

Robert (Ski) Siesputowski

Summit Hill