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Carbon man earns national award for helping at emergency scene

Jared Hoffman of All-Points Towing Recovery & Service Center Inc., based in Jim Thorpe, received national recognition from American Towman Magazine for unparalleled excellence and dedication to his community through the towing trade. Hoffman received three separate awards after being nominated by Fire Chief Lynn Diehl of Franklin Township Volunteer Fire Co. 1.

Hoffman, 42, was inducted into the prestigious Order of Towman, an organization that recognizes elite professionals in the towing industry on a national level.

Inductees of the Order of Towman take an oath to continue their mission of contributing to their community and going above and beyond their trade.

After being nominated, Hoffman was invited to the 31st Annual American Towman Exposition in Atlantic City in December, where he received several honors: The Order of Towman Award, the Trust Award, and the Courage Under Fire Award.

The Trust Award is given to towing companies that hold a track record of trustworthiness from clients, while the Courage Under Fire Award is bestowed to towing professionals who have put their lives on the line in the face of danger.

Diehl detailed the event that led to Hoffman’s nomination.

“We had a freak accident on the turnpike where a forklift wheel and axle fell off a truck, jumped the median, and went through the windshield of a car traveling in the opposite direction, striking a mother and a young child in his car seat. Emergency medical helicopters were needed, which required complete closure of the highway,” Diehl said.

“Jared was quickly on the scene, and took it upon himself to cross the highway median in order to create a blockade, stopping traffic and allowing for the emergency helicopters to safely land. After the incident, he maintained contact with the family and kept us updated on their progress.”

Hoffman’s responsiveness and initiative to provide emergency support when it was needed made him an easy choice for Diehl to nominate as a candidate for the American Towman awards.

“Jared is always working — there’s not a more deserving person than him. Time and time again, Jared goes above and beyond, helping us in every capacity,” Diehl said. “He is always doing more than what his job requires of him. There are people who do the bare minimum, and then there are people like Jared.”

Hoffman said, “It was a complete shock, overwhelming and entirely unexpected to receive these awards. I consider it a great honor. We just want to keep people safe and ensure everyone gets home during their travels.”

Since 1989, American Towman Magazine has awarded 440 Towman Commendations for the Courage Under Fire Award, with Hoffman now one of the most recent to join this prestigious rank.

All-Points Towing opened in 2004, and has since expanded to three sites in Jim Thorpe and Lehighton. They were awarded the turnpike contract on March 21, 2017. Hoffman has always had a passion for the towing trade, having grown up with close family ties to the industry.

His grandparents owned the junkyard and towing business in Parryville, so he spent lots of time helping out there.

“I’ve been in a truck since I was 2 years old. I used to go with my dad, pap and cousin Marty towing,” Hoffman said.

All-Points Towing currently has 11 employees on their roster, with possible plans for growth in the future. The company currently hosts a fleet of 16 semi-trucks and service trucks.

His wife, Sherry, who is co-owner of the business, began helping him in the office full-time a few years ago.

They live in Franklin Township with their children, Megan, Jocelyn and Sawyer.

LEFT: Sherry Hoffman pins the Towman of the Year award on her husband, Jared. The couple owns All-Points Towing Recovery & Service Center Inc. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO
ABOVE: Jared Hoffman with the three honors he received: The Order of Towman Award, the Trust Award, and the Courage Under Fire Award. RAFAEL FONTONES/TIMES NEWS