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‘It’s Time to Plant’ event in Summit Hill

Carbon County master gardeners are gearing up for the growing season.

From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. March 30, the gardeners will celebrate their annual “It’s Time to Plant” event at the Summit Hill Heritage Center, 1 W. Hazard St., Summit Hill. For a $10 fee you can learn about:

• The basics of how to make compost. The ratios of browns and greens to the mixture and what other elements are needed to complete the mix.

• What is a spotted lanternfly with a presentation that will include its origin, identification, life cycle and more. Learn about homeowner management and what the state is doing to control the spread.

• Alternative gardening ideas, which can make the joy of gardening accessible to just about everyone. Regardless of space or mobility, there is an alternative method to meet your needs. Raised beds, straw bales, sack gardening and PVC pipe planters are just some of the alternative choices.

• Attend a seed-starting workshop, and learn a fun way to start seeds is using glass jars. You can use small stones or colored glass beads in the bottom of the jar, which makes it attractive and you are able to observe the root structure through the glass as they grow

To register, call Penn State Extension at 877-345-0691 or email CarbonExt@psu.edu.