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Council overrides mayor’s tax hike veto

Bowmanstown held a special borough council meeting Thursday regarding Mayor William Ravert’s veto to the recently approved 2-mill tax increase.

While the increase was voted for and approved by council, the mayor holds the right to veto any motion approved by council.

Ravert’s reasoning was that the tax increase will prove an unnecessary hardship for members of the community.

“I hope the council can go back and find ways to fix the roads without raising the taxes 2 mills,” said Ravert.

He further explained that the 2-mill property tax increase could raise someone’s bill by $60-$100.

Council member Rob Moyer also continued to voice his displeasure with the increase.

Moyer explained that this year was the first in many where road repairs were made and that more money is available to continue doing so.

“If we can continue to fix roads and help support the fire company then do we still want the increase in taxes?” Moyer asked the residents who joined the meeting.

The members of the community still said that the tax increase was necessary to create a long-term road improvement plan for the community.

Council member Norm Engle Jr. wasted no time and made a motion to override the mayor’s veto of the vote.

The vote passed 5-2 and carried.

With this being the final step in the voting process, the 2018 property tax in Bowmanstown will be raised by 2 mills.

One will be used for the town’s roads and the other for the volunteer fire company.