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The four Cs are what Termini and his squad are focusing on for this coming season

In the weeks building up to the beginning of a sports season, coaches in the program will typically project some big concepts that will determine the success or failure of the program throughout that season’s schedule.

At Palmerton, the boys’ basketball program, led by second-year coach Ken Termini, will look to the four ‘C’s’ in order to determine the outcome.

Culture, Commitment, Compete and Composure.

After a 2-20 season a year ago, the Blue Bombers return every player except for graduated Joey Suto, allowing for the blue and white to turn valuable experience into hopeful success.

“Four of our starters are returning, including four of last year’s top five scorers,” Termini said. “We have 12 guys this year on the team that are all capable of contributing, along with eight or nine guys that could reasonably put up 10 points or more on any given night.”

The first ‘C’ of the Bombers’ in 2017-18 is culture, where Termini feels he is re-vamping the program’s overall outlook. “The word ‘culture’ is overused in sports, but it’s appropriate in this case, as we completely gutted the flawed culture that existed and replaced it with one that focuses on hard work and a ‘we over me,’ team-first approach,” he said. “This past summer was the most in-depth and comprehensive off-season program that I’ve ever put a team through.”

Bringing us to the next ‘C’, commitment, the offseason has shown growth and dedication from a majority of the roster.

“The commitment from our guys was fantastic,” Termini admits. “I believe it has paid big dividends, as the improvement has shown thus far in pre-season scrimmages and our workouts. We can shoot it well and we have slashers who can get to the rim. Our defense has significantly improved, as well, and the depth we have on our bench this season is much more capable.”

Termini looks at this year’s roster as far more athletic, deeper, and able to process a lot more basketball IQ,

Last season, in his first coaching season at Palmerton, Termini opted to ‘go young’ and develop his team’s youth in hopes for stronger future. With much of that talent returning this year, the lineup improves with a year of varsity experience now under their belt, leaving one more ‘C’ for Termini to focus on.


“If we are able to stay composed when things get tough this year,” he said, “We have a chance of being a decent basketball team.”

Handling that pressure, the squad looks to seniors Eric Baumgardt, Ryan Yacone and Luke Yaindl, juniors Nate Dougherty and Zach Silfies, and sophomore Justin Hosier. Hosier, Dougherty, Yacone and Baumgardt are four of last year’s top five scorers, with Silfies looking to be the projected fifth starter in the early-going.

Other personnel that will be looked to in order to maintain that composure throughout the lineup are: senior Jake Taschler, junior Jevon Nelson, sophomores Ryan King, Mike Quinn and Seth Young, while freshman Kody Kratzer will also see some minutes.

Dougherty averaged 15 a game, while Hosier put up about 10, while Baumgardt proved to be the program’s most improved player as the season went along.

The fourth and final ‘C’ is compete, where players, coaches, and fans alike are hoping the Blue Bombers can definitely do in the upcoming months.

“I don’t like making predictions because teams need to go out and earn victories on the court,” Termini said. “I will say this – we are going to be a lot better and we are going to compete every night.”

Members of the Palmerton boys basketball team for the 2017-18 season include: First row, from left, Ryan King, Matt Baumgardt, Luke Yaindle, Nate Dougherty, Seth Young, Kody Kratzer; back row, coach Art George III, coach Tony Thomas, Jevon Nelson, Zach Silfies, Jake Taschler, Ryan Yacone, Justin Hosier, Michael Quinn, and coach Ken Termini. RICH GEORGE/SPECIAL TO THE TIMES NEWS