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No tax increase planned in East Penn

For its last monthly meeting of 2017, the board of supervisors for East Penn Township ironed out a few details before moving into the new year.

The township’s budget was approved without a tax increase.

Board treasurer and Vice Chairwoman Deanna Cunfer said the real estate tax levy mill rate is at 8.135.

There has not been a tax increase in East Penn for four years, she said.

Road work

The road crew continued the shoulder repair work around the area, Supervisor Steven Heckman said.

“They fixed the downed wires at the social hall, all the trucks are serviced, 80 percent of the snow season equipment is ready and they are getting the dirt roads ready for the upcoming season,” he said.

The crew will continue cold patching roadways in the area, weather permitting.

“Hopefully we’ll have a light winter and emerged unscathed. The road crew is doing a fantastic job and are actually saving the township money,” he said.

The board voted to promote Richard C. Snyder to road foreman and also voted to send a petition to the county court to fill the vacant constable position in the township.

Walter Hoster was the name recommended to the role and will be allowed to enforce the local ordinances.

Fire company funds

A motion was passed to enact the East Penn Township Volunteer Fire Company Incentive Program ordinance, where the board will match dollar for dollar of the volunteer fire company’s fundraising efforts up to $5,000 a year.

Cunfer said she met with five firefighters to discuss the proposed idea.

“It benefits the company by going right to the company,” she said.

Cunfer said she came up with the figure by looking to neighboring West Penn’s contribution to its company.

“I like the idea of the incentive to fundraise by matching it,” Supervisor John Strockoz said.

“If they make $5,000, we match $5,000,” he said.

“We need more help,” said fire Chief Robert Kleintop.

“You need to do more fundraising,” Strockoz said.

“Why didn’t you have a taco stand at the borough building this year? It would’ve been lucrative,” Heckman said.

“The idea is to benefit the residents with adequate fire service. There should be more fundraising, and at the end of the year we can match it,” he said.

Other business

The board approved a list of qualified UCC inspection services including Blue Mountain Inspection Service LLC, Lehigh Valley Inspection Service and Barry Isett & Associates Inc.

The township ordinance violation case against Claire Troxell, owner of Troxell Trucking Company, received a continuance with a new court date set for Dec. 12.