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Cyber Monday shopping predictions

Every year, it seems that Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are getting bigger and starting earlier as retailers look to capitalize on some of the biggest shopping days of the year. And with more Black Friday deals moving online, the entire Thanksgiving weekend has grown into a amorphous mega shopping holiday that also includes Small Business Saturday.

But which day has the best sales?

While all three shopping holidays have their pros and cons, Offers.com data from 2016 shows that Cyber Monday is the clear winner in the eyes of consumers.

In light of this information, deal experts at Offers.com have curated data-backed predictions on the best items to buy for this year’s shopping holiday based on 2016 Cyber Monday ads. They narrowed down the categories to watch, what will be marked down and tips to help consumers save the most money.

Predictions for Cyber Monday 2017:

• Many sites will offer a flat discount on all orders or other deals like free shipping. You can expect to see savings ranging from 15-50 percent at stores such as Target, Crocs, Banana Republic, Gap and Old Navy — as they have established a pattern of sitewide discounts in the past.

• Phones are a big item for Cyber Monday retailers. Deals such as free storage upgrades, gift card rewards with purchase and discounts on older gen models are predicted. Keep websites such as Best Buy, Walmart and Amazon favorited to quickly take advantage of these deals.

• If you’d like to gift yourself a vacation after a day of shopping for others, online travel-booking sites such as Travelocity, Expedia and Hotwire offer great deals on Cyber Monday. Last year Offers.com saw insane flash sales on hotels (up to 90 percent off), international flights and one-way domestic flights.

• VR and gaming will see large discounts and bundles on favorite brands at GameStop, Amazon, Newegg and more.

• Amazon exclusive brands will be heavily discounted, as they try to lure customers away from more traditional stores. Make sure to keep an eye on them in addition to the usual places on your clothing-shopping list.

The most important thing to keep in mind this is that the deals will be less product-specific and more sitewide. In addition, Cyber Monday is a great day to still get huge discounts on items that sold out fast on Black Friday. Many retailers will re-list the same items they sold on Black Friday for a mere $5 more come Cyber Monday.

To see more predictions, in addition to the top tips when shopping on Cyber Monday, visit Offers.com Cyber Monday 2017 Predictions Blog Post.