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Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Small Business Saturday

We went to social media to ask who was hitting the stores on Black Friday and who was shopping in their pajamas from home on Cyber Monday.

Some would rather die than brave the crowds on Black Friday, while others recommended saving your money to spend on Small Business Saturday.

Here’s an overview of what readers had to say.

Black Friday

Karen Ballinger: “My family and I shop Black Friday every year and it has become sort of a tradition for us. Every year over Thanksgiving Dinner we put strategic battle plans together and we stand waiting for the countdown. It’s become rather fun, and we enjoy spending the time together. We are never mean or violent like some. We just like to see if we can get everything we want.

LaDonna Pigg: The only place I will even consider going on black Friday is Joann’s. I stock up for the year. They always have amazing deals.”

Jamileh Delcambre: “No Black Friday shopping for me, as a rule. People deserve to be with their families during Thanksgiving, not being crushed by hordes of people trying to save $50 on last year’s television.”

Valerie Douglas: “I’ll shop before Black Friday in my pjs on the couch.”

Jennifer Berven: “I discovered several years ago that the majority of Black Friday deals you can get online before Cyber Monday. Now they’re freakishly ridiculous low prices. Yeah, sometimes you got to go to the stores to get those, but I was pleasantly surprised when I did all my shopping at 3 a.m. on Black Friday because that is when most of the sites will open up for Black Friday deals.”

Paula Kaesberg: I do not fool with crazy people in stores on Black Friday. I sometimes go late in the day or at night when the crowds are gone to see what movies that they massively discounted are left.”

Belinda Long: “Probably internet shopping. Black Friday is a war zone anymore.”

Kathryn Kroboth: “Not that desperate! Use gift cards so they get what they want!”

Charles Snyder: “Gift cards.”

Deb Kunkle: Never go out on Black Friday. My shopping is almost done!”

Shasta Andersen: “You wouldn’t catch me dead shopping on Thursday or Friday.”

Cyber Monday

Stacey Yaroszeufski: “The smart people shop online! Since having kids I discovered that I can get every Black Friday deal online, without dragging them into the stores.”

Soraya Gimenez: “Cyber Monday. I’m too old to brave the crowds.”

Christine Rootes: “This year there won’t be much shopping for this girl. But I hate malls and hate crowds more, so I never do Black Fridays. I might look online on Monday.”

Jennifer Sterner: “Click, click, click ... No holiday craziness for me, just lots of Amazon boxes.”

Donna Sutherland Bogert: “I never shop Black Friday, ever. I may do some shopping Monday as my DVD player and sound system for my TV fritzed.”

Kerry Ann: “I do most Christmas shopping online on Monday for tech items, but I shop mostly online and at outlet stores all year and put things away.”

Karin Smith: “I don’t do any shopping on Black Friday. I really don’t like to go out. I will do some online shopping, probably. For years now, I’ve done almost all my shopping online, even when stores are close.”

Small Business Saturday

Lori Ryser: “I’m not a big shopper on the best of days. You will never see me out in the Black Friday madness! I’ve never done Cyber Monday either, really, but I’m not opposed to it. The only specific shopping day you’ll see me out is Small Business Saturday! I’m all for supporting local small businesses.”

Sara Skokan: “This year I’m hoping to promote supporting small businesses — gift cards to mom and pop restaurants, homemade items, supporting artists I know on Society6. I don’t leave the house on Friday, but in all honesty, it’s about as busy as it is every day between Thanksgiving and Christmas (which is painful).”

Franklin Klock: The day after (Black Friday) is more important to our local economy. #ShopSmallSaturday.”

Deni Cary Phillips: “Shop SMALL Saturday!”

Lindsey Loyd: “Never been shopping on Black Friday, never will. I do plan on doing Small Business Saturday.”

Desiree LaDuke: “No Black Friday shopping for us. We are Small Business Saturday shoppers. We mix it up between online shopping and local businesses.”