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Not enough candidates for Weissport vacancies

Weissport voters will head to the polls today, but will find mostly empty spaces where names of candidates should exist.

Some Weissport officials said Monday they are hoping write-ins will fill the voids.

There are three seats up for Weissport Borough Council, but only one candidate.

The mayor’s position is open and there are no candidates.

Nobody is running for tax collector.

Lynette Moyer, the current tax collector, said she understands that some write-ins will be occurring. She said she isn’t sure if she will continue serving as tax collector even if a replacement can’t be found.

She said she was informed by Lehighton Area School District that tax collectors will have to use computers and purchase two programs every year. She said she doesn’t intend to buy a computer or learn to use one for tax collecting, adding that the pay for the tax collector in Weissport is very low.

“Nobody in town wants to do it for the little bit of money you get,” she said.

She said she would continue to collect taxes for Weissport Borough and Carbon County from Weissport residents but doesn’t want to collect school district taxes.

“I was told by the school district they must be done by computer,” she said.

Attorney Gregory Mousseau, the borough’s solicitor, said the school district will have to accept the taxes regardless of Moyer’s record-keeping system.

“They have to accept your return in any format,” he said.

Council member Brenda Leiby, the only one of three council members whose term is expiring who is seeking re-election, said the tax collector vacancy is concerning.

Mousseau said he doesn’t know what will happen with collecting taxes if Moyer doesn’t accept reappointment and nobody is elected. “I’m looking on the internet and nobody has the problem you have,” he said to the council.

Besides Leiby, terms expire on Dec. 31 for council President Gene Kershner and Greg May.

Kershner made it clear he will not accept the post even if write-ins for him occur.

May didn’t wait for his term to end. On Monday, he submitted his resignation from council, citing personal reasons. It was accepted.

It’s the second time May submitted his resignation. Several months ago, he tried to resign but the council refused to accept it.

The present mayor is Jonathon Troutman, who is not seeking re-election.