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West Penn considers offering tax credit for firefighters

West Penn Township continues to ponder how exactly it will disburse a tax credit to its volunteer firefighters.

The township’s board of supervisors revisited the matter on Monday per the Pennsylvania Act 172 Fire- fighters Ordinance.

Supervisor Tony Prudenti said there are 26 members who are eligible for Earned Income Tax credit.

Prudenti said he believes the township should look to give each of the 26 firefighters $150.

That would run the township between $3,900 and $4,000, Prudenti said.

Or the township could opt to give the money to the fire department for budgetary purposes, supervisors said.

Regardless, Prudenti said he believes the decision should be up to the fire department.

While no decision was made, supervisors said they will likely act on the matter at the board’s Oct. 16 meeting.

In August, supervisors said they were considering providing the credits under the Pennsylvania Act 172 Firefighters Ordinance.

Act 172 of 2016 allows municipalities to establish an ordinance that grants a tax credit against a volunteer’s earned income or property taxes.

The act was created to reward EMS and fire volunteers financially and encourage other members of communities to become volunteers.