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Help families fighting breast cancer

During October, Natalie's will donate up to 40 percent of the sales of its Orange Beet Juice to The Pink Fund for families affected by breast cancer. Pink Fund 90-Day Grants assure basic, household cost-of-living expenses are met, so that the family can focus on getting their loved one well.

Why Orange Beet Juice? Beet juice is rich in betacyanins, natural compounds that have been found to be powerful cancer-fighting agents.Beets also contain immune boosting phytochemicals called betalains, which have outstanding anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and detoxifying effects. Natalie's Orange Beet Juice is made from 100 percent pure beets, blended with fresh Florida oranges to create a super nutritional juice.Natalie's is a family run, women-owned business, and is particularly interested in issues facing women and their families, which is why it has partnered with The Pink Fund.

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