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Has Bigfoot really been captured?

Published January 11. 2014 09:00AM

The Bigfoot world is buzzing again with news that a Bigfoot was allegedly killed by Bigfoot hunter Rick Dyer. It was revealed in a news story this week that Dyer claimed to have shot and killed the creature by nailing some pork chops from Walmart to a treeand when the big guy showed up, he shot and killed it.

Now he is preparing to take the body on a world tour.This would be a momentous feat and worldwide news if not for one small issue. Dyer has a career credibility problem when it comes to Sasquatch.

This time the man who cried "Bigfoot" says he captured video of the humanoid eating the meat and when the Bigfoot returned to his campsite outside of San Antonio, Dyer shot and killed it.This allegedly happened in September 2012. So what has been going on since then and why is the body only appearing now?

Dyer claims the body has been kept hidden for the last year because of an agreement with a film documentary crew that was on hand to capture the hunter and his prey. He claims that he has had DNA tests and other testing performed with the investigators on the corpse to prove that it is a Sasquatch and not some other creature. He claims that when the film is released in the spring the world will finally have its proof that the Bigfoot species exists and one of the world's greatest mysteries will be given some solid credibility.

The problem with Mr. Dyer is that folks like myself who believe the possibility, however remote it may be, that cryptids like Sasquatch, its Yeti cousin and the Loch Ness Monster exist somewhere on the planet have issues with his history of fraud. Dyer cried wolf in the past when he was part of a hoax in 2008 where hunters claimed to have a bagged Bigfoot on ice. When it was investigated, skeptics learned it was a really bad stuffed costume in a freezer, totally discrediting Dyer and his accomplices.

According to an article from San Antonio website, Dyer claims he initially didn't believe in Bigfoot, but he was an opportunist who would take hobbyists on tours. But the more stories he heard, the more he began to believe Sasquatch existed. When he hunted this creature down and killed it, he allowed a so-called skeptic to view the body. This skeptic named "Musky Allen" supposedly was critical of the find until Dyer showed him the body.Now he claims he is a believer who said in a Facebook interview that he had no doubts the creature was real.

Upon doing a search for the Facebook page referenced in the article,, I found a three minute Blair Witch-style trailer for the movie aptly called "Shooting Bigfoot" mentioned in the article. The trailer is on YouTube and coincidentally the related videos had one in which Dyer challenges actor Dean Cain who hosted a show called "Bigfoot Bounty" to see his body.

According to Dyer, Cain offered $10 million to anyone who could produce a body and Dyer boldly called him out. In the two minute response, Dyer tells Cain he has the body and invites the host to inspect it, but reminds him to have his check on hand to pay for it.

Interestingly, Dyer has a great deal of bravado when dealing with his skeptics and challengers but other than one questionable critic, he has yet to allow anyone with a known credible reputation to examine the corpse. He has offered the opportunity to Cain even promising "all will be revealed to the world on Feb. 9, 2014."So within one month we will find if the infamous Bigfoot hunter really has bagged his prey or if it is just another hoax.

The world has long been intrigued with hoaxsters like Dyer though.He is not the first person to claim a cryptid in his possession only for the world to find out later the person was a first class humbug or con artist.One of the most famous cryptid hoaxes was the Cardiff Giant.The creation of George Hull in 1868, the Cardiff Giant was carved from gypsum and cleverly aged and weathered to look like a mummified giant. It so impressed master hoaxster PT Barnum that Barnum secretly had a craftsman make a plaster model of the giant. When it was finished, Barnum put it on display proclaiming it the real giant and Hull's original creation the fake.

Hull promptly sued Barnum for slander claiming his giant was the real one, but in court it was revealed that both men were lying and that neither giant was real.The court also ruled that Hull could not collect damages from Barnum because the showman could not be sued for calling Hull's fake giant a fake.This case which is over 145 years old just shows that frivolous lawsuits existed back in the 1800's and there will always be con artists claiming the truth even when proven to be lying.

So if Dyer has a Bigfoot in tow and reveals it to the world in one month, he will join the ranks of historic cryptozoologists who discovered the fabled giant squid, the gorilla, the giraffe and the Siberian tiger. However, I'm in the camp which believes that in one month there will be some type of endless delay or he will be discovered with yet another phony body.One way or the other the truth will win out and Dyer will either show it is very difficult for a con artist to change his spots or he will be lauded for achieving the confirmation of a North American legend.

Time will tell.

Til next time…

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