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So you think you are middle class?

Published April 07. 2014 07:30AM

I've got news! Mr. Obama's middle class is the people and all who are similar to those who live in the tenements and ghettos of Chicago and other cities; those who were part of the community organizers similar to Saul Alinsky, Obama's mentor (Read Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, found at Barnes & Noble for $12.95 in the current events section). The good news is if you are not part of this group, you are Obama's rich! Regarding Democrats or Republicans: With the exception of 1960 and 1980, these parties are melding into one. I call that party the American Socialist Workers Party. There are a few exceptions in our Congress; they are generally descendants of families who escaped totalitarian governments. The ASWP is one which propagates or surrenders to disinformation which essentially causes the transformation of a constitutional republic to a socialist or totalitarian state.

You can read about the Italian, German and Russian social Democrats in any encyclopedia published before the time history was changed. You can find Mr. Obama's history of being invited to join Alinsky's group by fellow organizers after Alinsky's death. Hillary was invited to join the group by Alinsky himself after she had written her senior college thesis about him. Her aim was even higher, and she refused.

So, comrades, make up your minds. The change begins at local levels, which push for sheep at the state election and up the line. It is our choice: Socialism and the road to Communism or the U.S. Constitution! The time is NOW!


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