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She's 4

Published September 28. 2013 09:00AM

Impossible to believe, but four years have passed since I became "Grandma."

Yes, Caroline is 4. Its hard to believe that I have had this little imp in my life that long. The months have flown by so fast since she was born. I remember my first glimpse of her, so perfect and pink at the hospital and thinking to myself that she looked like someone I knew. Then it dawned on me that she looked like me.

Some people remark on the resemblance and it makes my day.

Princess Caroline is in her second year of preschool and in a few months she will be preparing for kindergarten.

Every grandparent likely feels as much as I do about their first grandchild. My heart overflows with love for her. Seeing her is certainly a highlight of my day.

I'm lucky in that I see a lot of her since she lives only a short five minutes away.

It's that shout, "Grandma," that warms my heart when she sees me that makes me melt. And when she stops by, it's "Where is Grandma?" that I listen to hear.

I have to tell you, she is smart and funny. I love to tell stories about her. Doesn't every Grandma?

The latest is: Last week we had gone swimming at Country Inn and Suites, which allows nonguests to enjoy the pool for a nominal cost. She loved it, but she screamed the entire hour or so that we stayed in the pool area. Since no one else was there, I let her go, but after an hour, I have to admit it was driving me crazy. So I said, "Caroline, you're going to have to stop the screaming, it's driving me nuts." She loved hearing herself because it echoed back to her.

We get in the car and she is talking quietly in her seat in the rear of the car. I say, "What did you say?"

She said, "I'm talking to my mouth and telling it to be quiet."

So I guess, she must be learning about self-control.

Her mother said that the next day she packed her swimsuit and said she wanted to be dropped off at Grandma's so we could go swimming again.

Then there is the story of her and my Truvia.

While my husband was redoing my kitchen floor, no one could walk on it for a few days. So I put the most important things I use every day on the dining room table. (I have to have my cup of tea in the morning.)

I tried to remember to put things away that Caroline might get into, but one Friday night I forgot and she found the container of Truvia and I found it empty the next day.

So I asked her, "Do you know anything about this?" I asked as I held up the empty container.

She answered, "That would be me."

Well at least she didn't deny it.

I told her mother what she said. Her mother remarked, "I walked into the dining room and saw all this white powder on the floor. There she was on all fours, alongside my two dogs, licking the floor. So I asked her, what do you think you are doing?" said her mom.

Caroline's answer was, "Cleaning up this mess."

Oh yes, and she was only 3 when she did that comedy routine.

I know I'm going to hear a lot more interesting comments from her as she tries to figure out her place in the world.

It's going to be an interesting ride to watch her grow up because she certainly has personality.

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